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So i know the movie will officially be broken into 2 parts and it might be in 3D, but can anyone tell me how they are breaking it into 2. like what is covered in the first movie the wedding, honeymoon, childbirth and part 2 would be the training and the fight?

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I hate it too i mean the movie doesnt have to be like 6 hrs long to show everything. they could do everything in 3hrs n thats not even too long alot of movies are 3 hrs long
IKR! They said that the second part will be wen bella is a newborn. I dont wannA wait like another year to watch that.
ooo thanx i kind of figured that out. I know i cant wait another year either
If it was in one movie it will suck totally. I thnk it was right what they did.
i dont think it would suck being 1 movie, but im gonna go crazy after i watch part 1 & have to wait months until part 2 comes out
Agree that! I think i'd rather wait BD part 2 than just wait for nothing. When I think about it more, guess Im gonna miss all of these twilight things when its all over. Coz like the book's done, then the movies done...
So thank god I still have 2 more years to watch edward and bella in their life. Right?
very tru i hadnt even thought about it that way. once the movies are done imma be stuck watchin the same dvds over n over again. so sad
lol yeah. So when its done i wish SM would be kind to write more of the story to make it the next book. Gosh! i wish there'll be the next book!
ikr, but right now shes writing the host part 2 i believe and theres gonna be a movie for part 1 coming out 2012 i think. But i want the saga to continue its too beautiful to end
In all reality, which I understand this isn't..about that. They have no life.
A half vampire baby has no life... I am sick about the entire thing..
The Twilight Saga is farrrrrrr from reality & that's the whole purpose. its a fantasy world that we all love to live in. I'm sorry that your sick about the saga but that doesn't mean its not GREAT. at least you get a break though, because breaking Dawn doesn't come out until November 2011
totally she is soooooo right. do u want some of the best parts cut


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