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That book was beautiful. It made me cry a couple of times. It was so up-lifting for the characters. I just love the book!!!!

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It was a great book, I think the closest I came to crying was when Bella was telling Renesemee that she should run with Jacob, as a mother, that was a crushing moment to think of, the bond between mother and child is stronger than anything I have ever experienced
i cant read the red very well! =p
Yes I totally cried and my older sister was like Lexi what are you crying for and I was like it's just so sweet!
don't remember crying, but it held my breath ... ) I was so excited and at the same time confused that sometimes it felt very difficult to read many feelings...oof.... Oh! I remember...I was crying in the happy end )))
i didn't really cry but i gasped and awwwwed at some parts. I couldn;t put the book down! To be honest, i couldn't put non of the books down! hehe
Like everyone here, I loved the book so much! I didn't really cry, but I definitely got teary-eyed at some points in the book. Like when everybody thought Bella was going to die. That was just an awful moment. It was like you could see it happen right in front of your eyes. It was just so intense, the way Jacob and Edward were feeling. Really intense. Also when Bella told Renesmee to run with Jacob. Well that was just heartbreaking. And although I was glad there was a happy ending, I couldn't help feeling sad when I actually saw the words 'the end' written. I know it sounds stupid, but I was kind of emotional. It was like, "well that's the end of the journey and there will no more whether you like it or not" if you get what I mean lol :)
I cried for a very long time when Bella and Edward were saying thier goodbyes to Renesmee and Jacob. Mostly the part where Edward tells Jacob that he's his brother, his son. It was so deep, because Edward and Jacob had always disliked each other but when Edward tells that to him, regardless being a different species, he really meant what he said to him. They been to alot with each other, it's kind of a love- and- hate relationship... Also he says son meaning, he would want Jacob to be with Renesesme, in my opinion... Well that's the part I really started to pour...
i cried like a baby the first time i read it because it was just good and how she tried to protect all of them from what was coming their way and the part of the book where she was making sure that jake and renesemee was going to be ok if something happened to her and edward. it was just a sweet book.
i cried like 2x but i dnt kno was sweet! like how jacob cared for bella so much!!
yea i cried when i read breaking dawn, it was a good book to read. i liked how everything worked out for bella and edward and for jacob and nessie. the whole series was good
i luved that book but youre right jessica i almost cried when jacob and renesmee possibly would have to run


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