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So i know a lot of you on here arent parents and all, but when my daughter was born i didnt want anyone holding her except for me! After bella became a vampire and was all healed and what not, she didnt really seem too excited about nessie.. im not sure if i was the only one who noticed that but it was a little annoying! after all it was HER baby. Edward seemed more worried about bella then nessie at first too. near the end of the book they seemed a little more into the whole thing, but it seemed like rose and jake cared more about nessie ..

idk thats just the vibe i got.

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I don't agree I think Bella did as much as she could for her daughter, please realize that she went through a lot giving birth in such a violent way that killed her then going through the pain of becoming a vampire then having to adjust to those changes is all very overwhelming and yet Nessie was on her mind she asked about her right away the other wouldnt let her see the baby for fear that Bella might harm her. she couldnt feed her cause she was drinking blood and Bella was a newborn that could very easily lose control, as for the not letting others hold the baby thats just selfish I'm sorry to say even as a mom everyone in my family was more than welcome to hold my baby, and we all know that Bella has never been that type she always tries to please everyone and she has never been the type to show too much emotion either, Stephanie Meyer couldnt only make the story about how much Bella loved Nessie, her attention had to be devided into the other points of the story
Yeah, u re right - both Bella and edward didn't care hat much about Renesmee, I felt that a bit strange, they were acting like a good aunt and uncle rather than parents.
Bella was acting like a real mom-to-be when she was pregnant, that part was really good, but when she became a vampire it was as she forgot about Nessie... How could she think about her new look, or going hunting, or going to see a new home without seeing her baby daughter. :/
The reason she never fed her was because she was newborn vampire and while she was able to resist killing humans, in the book she says that she wasn't reay to try that. also, Edward, Rose and the rest of the family were able to interact with Nessie better than Bella in the beginning because they were not newborns. Finally, once she finally 'woke up' she was disoriented and was adjusting to her new senses and strength and because of her 'newborn' status and all that that entailed, she wasn't able to interact with Nessie as much. I think it's just reader's error to state that she wasn't excited about Nessie; Edward's interaction with Nessie isn't detailed as much in the books but there was no indication that he was less concerned about his daughter; remember he was not excited about the pregnancy because of its effect on Bellas's health and once she began the transformation process he was concerned about his daughter not having a mother, and then the Volturi enter...


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