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So i know a lot of you on here arent parents and all, but when my daughter was born i didnt want anyone holding her except for me! After bella became a vampire and was all healed and what not, she didnt really seem too excited about nessie.. im not sure if i was the only one who noticed that but it was a little annoying! after all it was HER baby. Edward seemed more worried about bella then nessie at first too. near the end of the book they seemed a little more into the whole thing, but it seemed like rose and jake cared more about nessie ..

idk thats just the vibe i got.

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Yeah i know she never gave her food or anything like that just carried her took her to her crib and only talked to her Rosaline and jacob were more like parents to Nessie.
And Edward didnt really spent that much time with Nessie. But the both of them were really busy
yeah thats how i felt too i guess, maybe if steph spent a little more time on the book and added a few more chapters about nessie it would be better
yeah i think that would of made Bella and Edward seem like if their good parents and made the book a little more better
Thats how I felt hmmmmmm.,,,,,
they did that because bella is a newborn and nessie is half human and she has blood, they were worried about how she would react at the end of the book she is more into it because dhe is more incontrol. tell me if i helped u out any
well i know thats why she was like that at first but she didnt really show much interest in getting to see her after ya know? i kind of think that steph should have gone into more detail about the whole pregnancy and stop the book when nessie was born, then write another book about how the volturi coming and what not. it just seemed a little rushed to me i guess, i still loved it tho! jsut a little disappointed.
well yeah i kinda feel that way 2 but she is really more into jaacob and rosalie but bella still loves her
yeah but bella didnt want to take a bite out of nessie and everyone else was worried about the same thing thats y
she nearly dies edward loves her first then nessie so of course he was more worried about her then nessie but then again i was surprised at bellas lack of enjoyment of nessie although she was passionate about her she was never really one to make a fuss over much through the whole book if u remmeber
Yeah I agree, kind of far fetched all the thing about the baby... I didn´t like this turn
Bella was a newborn vampire and nessie is part human if you remember. Everyone was worried about Bella might be tempted by her smell or her blood.


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