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Did anyone else notice what Emmett was doing in one scene in Twilight? It was in the lunch room after Edward had come back. Bella looked at them and Edward threw his food down, Emmett, sitting next to Edward was chewing food! I know they got food but never ate it, so my question is why was he chewing? Just wondering if anyone else noticed, and if it was a blooper. Any opinions?

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Yes! I saw that, and I pointed it out to my friend, and she said "Oh, I reckon he is just trying to look human", and I was like omg, that is so not it! He was definetely eating, not chewing!
Yes I noticed Emmett was chewing food. Vampires don't eat. Edward threw his food down also.
If you watched the commentary version of Twilight you would know that everyone was basically eating at that part,.....he was chewing a rice krispie bar.
I saw that in the commentary. I think he was trying to look like he was eating to play the part of a human
yeah... i noticed that to. i think that they can eat... but they would much rather perfer blood. but maybe he was just making it look like he was eating. i dont know.
they cant eat because they are not able to digest it.
I did saw that
i noticed, but i think that they were trying to make it seem like they were not vampire, and they did that or kellan was just hungry adn did not notice the camera was on him
i think it could be some food from apart of there dite
probably because they wanted it to like they were eating
i never noticed that and they have to act human so...
If you watch the commentary with Kristen, Rob and Catherine, when it gets to that part Rob and Kristen were talking about Kellan eating a Rice Krispie treat and he didn't realize the camera was on him. The commentary is quite funny.


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