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Did anyone else notice what Emmett was doing in one scene in Twilight? It was in the lunch room after Edward had come back. Bella looked at them and Edward threw his food down, Emmett, sitting next to Edward was chewing food! I know they got food but never ate it, so my question is why was he chewing? Just wondering if anyone else noticed, and if it was a blooper. Any opinions?

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Well, I had not noticed that part, but to kinda answer your question, they have to pretend to be human; so maybe he was chewing a little bit to make it seem like he was eating. Just like they have to fidget to try to NOT be too still all the time, breath every now & then, etc..
ya its true, they do have to seem human.
yes i saw that!! haha

I member in the book tho Eddiekinns says that eating food was like eating dirt....
he was probably chewing gum
i noticed that too.
he was probably making tiny bubbles using his saliva.
haha like a baby does.....just less dribble!
yeah haha .. OR maybe he's salivating too because of bella's blood's smell.
Ooh like ur thinking...but why wasn't Edward doing the SAME!!??

Maybe he had enough of Rose's noise so he was mimiking her....??
I noticed it. They have to at least look like they're human, so if that includes acting like they're eating, they have to do it. What would you think if some one at your school never ate lunch?
hahaha I really haven't noticed it. But it he probably did that because they pretend to be human
They eat the fod sometimes do that no one expects anything
yah!! i noticed that too.. but .. it was just part of the act?? ryt?
... in order not too confused the other students


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