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well me,I dunno. Yes, they both have chemistry, I mean Rob and Kristen,. but in some way, i don't like the way she acts.

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wow, am i the first to reply?? hahas, ohh well~

okay... after reading the book and watching the movie, i'm a little disappointed with Bella... comparing Bella in the book and Bella in the movie, Bella in the book sounds livelier and has much more chemistry with Edward...
but then since its the first movie, maybe she's still not used to being with Robert? so yeah, that's what i think... maybe after watching New Moon the trailer she'll be better?
I think it's more on the reason that the storyline in the movie is much more shorter than what is written in the book. The movie was too short so it can't really show the chemistry between Bella and Edward. For me Kristen Stewart is ok.
She's ok..I thought that in the movie, they both were a little too ackward with one another..In the book I felt that Edward was just so smooth, especially in teasing Bella and how he flirted. Robert seemed a little to out of sorts In the movie. And Stewart seemed almost uncomfortable for a majority of the movie. In the book Bella is somewhat ackward but smooth herself in a way. She's of course anxious and freaking out inside sometimes, but she has self control. In the book Edward even comments that she takes everything so unnaturally calm, he's always waiting for her to snap and run away screaming... Maybe you guys are right and they didn't really have much time to really build a chemistry with one another..I'm really hoping that now that the first one's done that their chemistry will be better this second time around.
i like kristen stewart, but i think that she could have added more of bella's character and quirkiness into the movie.
K-stew was kind of flat and a little dull.

But that doesn't mean that she was a bad actress (though that hospital scene made me laugh). Her movies were great, i just think that she needed more of bella's emotionally-inclined behaviour evident throughout the movie.

but i still love Kristen Stewart.! she rocks. :D :D
nooo, i think kristen stewert is like... boring. jus they way she talks is boring and i rele dont like her.
i know Kristen is a good actress, but maybe I don't like her in portraying Bella in twilight, maybe it would change in New Moon I hope so.
I think i do like her...just some ways she could have put a little more into it....but to be completely honest, i dont think i could see anyone doing a better job than she did. I guess bella would be quite a difficult role to play
i actually really did like her as bella in twilight but can't really see her so much in the other 3 books, especially breaking dawn.
we'll have to see, can't wait until november!
yes i think she is the perfect Bella !! I love her ! she is so talented !
ok i know that the story line and the way the movie was written was really bad but...
i really hated kristen as bella. i dont think she portrayed my bella lively & clumsy enough. is it just me or does she only breath through her nose??? i cant imagine kristen playing bella in the other 3 books though!!
for me she was just really boring
i think kristen is beautiful & talented though, just not as bella swan.
yeahh bella in the movie is so.... serious, i think shes trying to hard, the real bella is more clumsey and enegetic and sorta comical :] kristen looks the part, but acts like shes 40


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