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Do you thing of what you have read of midnight sun (edwards side) that it will be way better than bella's side

i do thing it will cuz of what i read its great..... but i want to now ppls opinion.....??????????

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Well, I also think it will be because of how he talks to her and acts around her and he read minds so he will be more descriptive, well at least I hope.
I like it. She's never going to finish it, though.
Stephenie said she would finish Midnight Sun.
Maybe two years later, but she's definetly doing it.
I guess if we're all patient enough, it'll be released.
And then we can know what was in Edward's mind!!!
But if that happens it willl not be the same. People grow and opinions change. Its hard to go back with what has happened and keep up on the same train of thought and feeling. She would be writing it just for the "Fans" and when you do that it is not from the place you were when you started it. I feel bad for SM but she knows this also and has said yes she would like to finish it. (Saying that you did complete it) but to publish it...? Ask her yourself
I think it will help ppl understand edward more so yeah i think it will be awesome and i cant wait to read the whole thing
Yea I think it will be, from what ive read it already is. It will definately be the best book in the saga
yes BC edward was a vampire the whole time so it would be way more kooler
I read the partial draft, (well, some of it, at least) and I think Edward's perspective is really cool. I can understand the way he thinks, and I can definately understand why he went to go kill himself when he thought Bella was dead. I like the way he thinks.
From what I read it explains alot of Edwards expressions and reasons for things he does. Although I know I really don't like Jessica from what I read and I want to ring Mike's neck. ;) lol
To be honest I think that Midnight Sun will will be better than Twilight. Bellas mind seems to work like most humans to me. Its seems diffrent to Edward bc he cant hear it. He is forced to finally talk to someone and I think that has alot to do with why he falls in love with her. Its the mystery about her bc he cant read her mind. He has to actualy have a conversation to get to know her. Bella is a normal everyday girl and thats why so many ppl relate to it. It gives the average person hope that they to can bag the big prize. Personaly (REMEMBER THIS MY OPINION PPL....I HAVE THE RIGHT TO IT) I think Bella is put on some undeserving pedistol. I find her selfish and whinny. Its a bit ironic how Edward sees himself this way. He sees himself as a selfish monster bc he cant leave her. She drags Jacob along hurting everyone and for what? To try to fix it all somehow but all the while makeing things worse. Of course it works out in the end but even then she is still self centered thinking he is there bc he wants her. Back to the subject at hand. Edward is way more insighful than Bella. Its amazing how something can be so close to perfect and question it all the time. That says something in itself. he may close to but he is not perfect. This is what I cant to wait to read. how he tries to justify who and how he is in his thinking of himself with his actions and wants.
yes,,,for me... ive read the 12 chapters and its good to know edwards side... how'd he go through the first time he realized he was in love with bella. and its funnier when he and emmett have scenes together... its cool!!!
nooooo... none of it is better than any other part. all books are created equal (all twilight books anyway) so it can't be better or worse just more or less interesting.


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