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I actually like Jacob and Leah their were alike in so many ways i thought they would have been great together after they got past all the bitterness between eachother their were kinda cool together

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I really thought they would be together. They both had broken hearts, and I seriously thought they could heal each other. The more I think about it (and I think about it a lot) why is Leah the only female? To me I feel like she was supposed to be with the Alpha male- Jacob. In the books it said he was the true alpha of the pack. So wouldn't Leah, the only girl, be his mate?

Imagine if they HAD for some reason gotten together before Renesmee was born...Then, after Renesmee's birth, Jacob would imprint and leave Leah. It would almost be like Sam all over again. That would've been awful for her. :(
But, yeah, it seemed like they would've been good together. But oh well. :)
I actually thouht the same thing...but jacob was meant to imprint on renesmee.
Which is why bella and jacob was so attached..even as an unfertalized egg nessie
Had to be with her jacob..go figure.
So imagine that jacob had been with leah. After jacob imprints on nessie
That would have been the second time leah was ditched.
They are suppose to imprint. Thats how new dogs are born to protect the stupid little tribe...

so based on that, shouldn't jacob have been in love with Edward too? "dogs" and "stupid little tribe" ??. i'm sensing some underlying issues here. wow i'm not even going to go there. you sound like a true Cullen. Congrats.

No. Leah probably wouldn't have gone with Jacob anyway because i think she has trust issues with men and who can blame her?

Leah doesn't have trust issues with men.  y u think that? she loves jacob and they are gud friends.

I have to disagree, I mean yes they do have a lot in common, But opposites attract..and Jacob and Bella's baby are perfec fo r eachother. Hes a warewolf Shes a vampire. And since Jacob and Leah are in the same pack that makes them brothers and sisters. So that would be kind of wierd if they dated...

SAm and Leah dated and they're in the same pack.

i think they should have ended up together. and i thought they would. i'm not a big fan of the nessie the "perfect" baby, though. i think Nessie is creepy.

honestly for a minute i thought that jacob and leah was going to imprint on eachother

Oh no I think her purpose was so jacob can have a friend who understood.Leah can do far better.


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