The Twilight Saga

Funniest Quote of BD: "Say what you want, but Dracula One and Dracula Two are creep-tacular!" ~Jacob.

When I read this, I was laughing out loud! I almost couldn't stop laughing. --(Jacob was referring to the two Romanian Vampires.) That was one of the funniest things that Jacob said.

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i know right???
it's so funny. .
omg i loved that line so much a use it all the time (weird i no but i tweeked it alittle) i say crap-tacular and not one of my friends no were i got it from and it drives them insane they all read it and cnt even get the reference! hah
that was hilarious. i was on the couch next to my bf when i reaad it and he was like , "forgot to take your meds?" and tht just made me laugh harder
i also found it humorous!...i thought i was not going to enjoy the part of the book that jacob narrated but i was actually very much amused by him, especially when he would make refrence to any of the vampiers.
i love the parts where Jocob is tryin to make fun of Roselia with all the blonde jokes.. and when she makes a bowl into a dog bowl and then he throws it at her head


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