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I was wondering if anybody had a theory as to why the females were not venomous, but the males were.


When Renesmee was born she had bitten Bella in the breast, she would bite Jacob all the time but she wasn't venomous otherwise It would have probably killed Jacob...


We know that Nahuel was venomous, he had bitten his aunt moments after his birth and she had changed in to a vampire.


So does anybody have any theories as to why this is? Would love to hear any and all input reguarding this matter.



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"she would bite Jacob all the time but she wasn't venomous otherwise It would have probably killed Jacob..."

In that statement I think that you have your answer. I do not think that Jacob and Renesmee could have a very successful relationship if she were venomous. And Stephanie needed it to be possible for them to be together, because that is what she wanted. Like you said venom would kill Jacob, so I really think that would dramatically change the dynamic of their relationship (especially their potential future romantic relationship) if Renesmee were to be venomous.

It has always been a stretch for me to believe that a werewolf could imprint on a half-vampire. However with her NOT being venomous is makes it much more probable. Due to her not having venom she really is not a "danger" to the human population so for Jacob to be with her it does not go against their "protector motto". So even though she is half vampire, she is not a danger.

Also, JUST MY OWN THEORY, I believe that it is the venom in the vampires that make them smell bad, so I do not the Nessie would smell bad to Jacob, other than her just being around vampires and having their smell on her.
Thanks JJ, for a relationship of any kind between Jacob and Renesmee she would have to be non vemonous, it's quite understandable for SM to write it this way. But ALL female half vampires are NON vemonous. So any theory as to why the males are quite venomous?

P.S. LOL I am all for the vampires so I am routing for Nahuel and Renesmee to get together. How do you see that relationship working out, would it be a Bella and Edward all over again?
As for why ALL female half vampires being non-venomous, I really don't have a good theory. SM says that they don't know if it is a gender issues or just by chance that the girls do not have venom and the one boy does. There would really need to be another boy do know if it is a gender issue. It could be that MOST half-vampires are NOT venomous and he just happen to be venomous and just happen to be the only male.

If Nahuel and Renesmee ended up together, I truly can't think of anything that would be make me more angry. To be completely honest just the idea of it makes me angry. But I will try and stay objective. I really do not see this relationship working out well because like you said it would be very similar to the Bella/Edward relationship. The intimacy level between Nahuel and Renesmee would be complicated with him being venomous and her not, but at least I do not think that venom would kill Renesmee (I think she would just become a full vampire). And Renesmee is much tougher and not near as fragile as a normal human so I do not think that Nahuel could physically hurt her (the way Edward could easily hurt Bella). I do think that Renesmee can have children (she stops aging, she does NOT freeze), but I really have no idea what the children between Nahuel and Renesmee would be like. And I really have no idea how to speculate about their life span. I would assume that they would both live forever, but I don't really understand that process so it is harder for me to speculate on.
Thanks again JJ, I very much liked how you explained your views, gives me something to think about, lol thanks again truely.
No problem. Any time.
Thanks Jasper, Do you have any theories about the male half vampires, since they are venomous?

To me Jake seems like a half breed, half shapeshifter and half human.
Just to be technical, Jacob is 100% human with a wolf gene. Think of it as a birth defect, someone with down syndrome is not less human than someone who is "normal" they are both equally human. It would be more accurate to call him 100% human and 100% wolf because he is either fully a man or fully a wolf, but he is not 1/2 and 1/2.
Yes the not aging is from the wolf side of him. When he can stop becoming a wolf for a extended period of time (not sure how long maybe months or years, I dont think it ever said in the books) he will start to age again.

Hope that helps lol
I think that Fran pretty much answered your comments and I agree with what she said. Due to Jacob having to remain a wolf in order for him to not be aging then I would assume that it is connected to his "wolf side".

I think that he is able to not age due to his ability to heal quickly. Aging is basically our bodies slowly decaying, and sense he is able to heal so quickly I think that it stops the aging process.
Maybe, just maybe she left that open end for another book?? That would be great!! Maybe the females can also become pregnant.....hint.......We could have a book on Renesmee older and pregnant!! I can dream can't I??
It could have to do with males being more agressive and females generally not so much!
Well here's to hoping that you are right...I would absolutly love more books done from other point of veiws, But I would want Edwards done first lol.
Oh yeah Edward is the best cause he tells everyone side of the story!!! It is the best!!


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