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I was wondering if anybody had a theory as to why the females were not venomous, but the males were.


When Renesmee was born she had bitten Bella in the breast, she would bite Jacob all the time but she wasn't venomous otherwise It would have probably killed Jacob...


We know that Nahuel was venomous, he had bitten his aunt moments after his birth and she had changed in to a vampire.


So does anybody have any theories as to why this is? Would love to hear any and all input reguarding this matter.



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idk bout bella..but she didnt hurt jacob cuz he is a wearwolf they dont get hurt...and like in eclipse bella punched jacob..and he didnt get hurt..bella did...and plus wasnt bella a vampire wen Renesmee bit her...cuz she needed to wait 3 days to see her cuz she was a vampire..she needed to get used to it..
I wasn't actually referring to Bella, but thanks for your comments...When Renesmee bit Bella she was still human, Edward had not injected his vemon in to her yet..Vampire vemon is very bad for the wolves. Have you read Breaking Dawn yet? Do you remember the end of the book with the other half vampire male Nahuel. He was venomous, he was able to change his Aunt into a vampire the second he was born, he had also said his sisters were not venomous and Renesmee is not vemonous I was wondering if you had a theory about why that was. Thanks, looking forward to seeing what you may come up with.


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