The Twilight Saga

I had a big discussion today with a few people and half including me think it is said like arrow (bow and arrow) and the others said its like aero (the cocolate bar) :S I am certain im right but i need proof to prove them wrong so help me please!

Also Caius is that pronounces C-ay-us not C-eye-us

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clevver tv says its ae-roh
I thought it was Arrow
ah no its an even vote!! I think arrow still unless someone can contact stephenie meyer and ask her i think ill stay like that its too late to change now ive read the whole saga thinking arrow!!!
 arrow and c-ay-us
i think it's arrow
I read it as arrow too :)
oooh yeesss Arrow is in the lead!! :D
I thot it waz arrow, but i typed in something on youtube, and the ppl talking about twilight pronounced it as like are-oh.
i think Caius is c-eye-us. (is it with an s sound at the beginning, or a k sound at the beginning????!!!!!)
Caius is Kay-us. I think Aro is arrow also.
Yeessss! :D but really aero does sound daft i just picture a minty bubbly aero choc bar yummy maybe she mispronounced it... :p



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