The Twilight Saga

I am trying to read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn at the same time. But to tell you the truth I never read twilight or new moon. I am reading eclipse and breaking dawn.

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I'm start reading for eclipse for 8 times,and if then finished i'm read breaking dawn for 7 times
gotta read the first two books in order to focus on the last two books. you've missed too much info to understand the ending.
I ask my sister wich read the series a leat 6 or 5 times and somtimes i skim twilight or i skim new moon.
I watched twilight and new moon/
True.I can reread them though...I saw the movies Twilight and New Moon before I read those books and I knew what would happen but I still enjoyed.
I'm reading the series for the 5th time, finished Eclipse just before the movie, and will start BD soon. I get something different from them each time I read them, I love that!
I've only read each book once.Going to read the whole series again though!
17 timez
9 times in counting


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