The Twilight Saga

i love breaking dawn when the volturi comes. aro acts so inoccent and nice. lol. then garett and and aro saying he was still a patriot. lol. i loved the whole breaking dawn. what was ur fav parts?

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lol yeah....i liked it wehn bella wore aro's gift and jane got
I love breaking Dawn to.
Everything from after Edward turns her into a vampire all the ways until the end.
That is the most exciting for me.
i agree
very goog book. kept me going for about a week. i enjoyed it all.
yes it is
The happy ending ofcourse!! although i think it could have ended better... what did you think about it..??*
Yeah, Aro was cool there. Sad that he and Caius didn't get what they wanted.
I love the whole book, my favorite part was so many -giggles-
But I loved the second book with Jacob pov.. sometimes it was so funny i just couldn't stop to laught...


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