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So I was reading "Breaking Dawn" and she mentioned she wanted a I got curious....what if Bella had Edward Jacob and Leah imprinted on you think Jacob would hate the baby like he did with Renesmee at first..or what could have possibly happened? Comment with your ideas about this, please.

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idk?maybe jake would act like he was his brother
that would be interesting...EJ's big brother is kewl...
u want me to post it? like make my own fanfic of that part? idk...if other ppl comment, I'll do it but otherwise I'm not so sure...
Just do it, :)
We will read it :)
okay i'll start tomorrow....this is going to get interesting!!!!
i think that would be so dramatic because Jacob might still like Bella and then want to kill EJ. I agree you should write a fanfic about it.
Wow, you guys really want me to write about it? Ooooh-kay!!! I'll either start today or tomorrow. Just hope I don't disappoint....
Kay, I just uploaded a file of the first part of the my what-if. Hope you like. If you want to add anything, just leave a suggestion here. All comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
No i don't think he would hate him because of the whole no warewolf can destroy the other's object of affection thing.
No, I don't think I would make Jacob destroy the baby (no violence)
Hey, just posted the next part. It's the second file. Hope you like!!
Sure can...sorry about it....and thanks for letting me know!!!


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