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So I was reading "Breaking Dawn" and she mentioned she wanted a I got curious....what if Bella had Edward Jacob and Leah imprinted on you think Jacob would hate the baby like he did with Renesmee at first..or what could have possibly happened? Comment with your ideas about this, please.

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Then Bella's body went totally limp. Something warmed touched my hand, but I didn't acknowledge it. "Edward Jacob." Edward sighed contently.
Wow, one thing that Bella had gotten right since she fell in love with the bloodsucker. Her hands somehow lifted off the table as she struggled to say, "Give him to me."
Of course, Edward would end up giving her everything she wanted, even up to now.
"Edward Jacob. So handsome." She cooed toward the monster.

* * * * * * * * * *

Then I caught sight of Blondie feeding the little executioner. It was probably Bella's blood that he was feeding off. There she was, out in the grass in the middle of the little yard. I felt this sudden heat radiating close by but I ignored it. I walked forward with the intent clear of what I was planning to do. Destroy the thing. The thrumming beat of the heart was so defined, it was like a sure target on its chest. He let go of the bottle and looked straight at me with a fixed face. Bella's eyes were placed right in the middle of his face, but that didn't stop me. I took a deep, low breath. He dropped his sight from mine and looked deeper into the small forest. He smiled at something I didn't care. Would it matter? He would be dead in a couple of seconds. I stalked forward with my hands trembling, my breathing speeding. I reached a foot behind Blondie when I felt a sudden hit on my right side, causing me to go out of the way from my principle plan.
My mind cleared of destroying the little monster when I wanted to demolish whoever it was that interrupted me. The culprit was positioned defensively in front of Blondie and the monster. She had her muzzle curled over her teeth, allowing me to see. A low, deep growl worked its way up from her chest, letting out menacingly towards me. She took a delibrate step forward, growling. Blondie's face was a mix of confusion at seeing the protector and horror at seeing me.
"Leah?" I asked. "What are you doing?"
Seth burst out of the small opening from the forest, not bothering to button up his dirty cut-off shorts. He ran straight forward to me, blocking me out as well.
"Seth, move out of the way. You too, Leah." I demanded.
Seth grabbed my shoulders. "Jake, you can't harm the baby."
"Why not?!" I yelled, wanting to end the whole ordeal.
"Jake, she's imprinted."
* * * * *
She looked at me, appraising him. "He's so perfect, Bella."
"Thank you, Leah." Edward said, looking at my perplexed expression.
"May I hold him?" She asked, her eyes on my baby.
"Sure." I struggled to sound indifferent.
She took him expertly in her arms, and sighed. "Hey, handsome." She cooed.
Even though I was a vampire and could possibly destroy such a huge creature, Leah somehow still scared me to death, and she was now intimidating. I couldn't possibly deny her to hold onto my son.
Leah shifted her weight onto her right leg and began to rock Edward Jacob in her arms. His eyes were perfectly fixed on her face and the little smile never left his face. They would be inseparable as time would go on.
I sighed and went into the house. Edward followed immediately, taking my hand. I looked at him and smiled.
Inside the house, Emmett and Rosalie were seated on the pale sofa, while Seth and Jake were laying near the back window, snoring in harmony. Leah slowly came in, but made a small grimace as she breathed in the scent. She went directly to the sofa and sat deliberately next to Rosalie, who didn't seem to mind at all.
I took a seat at the dining table with Edward taking the seat next to mine.
"I don't understand it." I mouthed.
Leah must have heard. She got up and walked up to me.
"I'm sorry for my attitude the past time. I know I sounded pretty nasty, but I hadn't known why Jacob took off. I'm sorry."
"It's alright, Leah. You didn't know, and I forgive you." I managed to say without getting intimidated.
"Thank you and thank you for letting me be near Edward Jacob so often."
"You're welcome, Leah."
great , i like it :)

keep writing :)
Thanks!!! No problem, I will as soon as I get a chance lol.
I think he would have hated the baby, because before he saw Renesme he was planning on killing her the only thing that stopped him was that connection he felt.
Yeah that's what I was going for in the first part but like the quileute rule is that no one can destroy the object of affection of a brother so when he found out leah imprinted on the baby, he had to suppress his anger toward EJ
Dear Emi Cullen,

I think yes..absolutely yes...
Jacob would eally hate EJ so much..come to think of it...
Jacob decided to be with Lea even though she's annoying..right?
Well,that clear things up right?Jacob will really hate Edward too,of course...
For snatching everything from him...

P.S.sorry for the not so good usage of words
Haha it's okay spegs, but thanks for commenting, but in the next part Jacob...whoops can't tell you til I post it (I was already writing the whole plot) but ur predicting hits the spot...
Maybe Jacob got gay hahahaha xD I think that he would try to get along with the baby.. But, who knows?
Yes....who knows? But please keep reading....


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