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me personally i would want it to be about renesmee growing up and her relationship with jacob. of course it has to be told from her point of view; but it has to incorporate challenges that are similar to the ones her mom went through.

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well i think bella do belong with edward. Well because to me she have like better connections with him than she do with jacob. and like she said in the new moon movie it will always be edward so yea. so she's better off with edward and she want to become one of him so she don't care what jacob say anyway so he bit her in breaking dawn because she was very sick cause she is prenganet
Leah, Reneesme and jacob ofcourse, charlie sue and billy, and the end of the volturi lol
so what, weird is fine with me
lol i think wierd is fine with all of us!
I don't know.... Probably Edward or more Jacob because his cracks at Rosalie made me laugh so hard......
Jasper's story would be very interesting. Guys would love to see his life on a movie but I will choose Alice's life.
I think the story of Renesmee in 7 years would be an awesome book because Nessie would be old and into Jacob.
yes i agree with bianca it would be an awsomee book!! XD
renesmee and jacob of course...
then alice and jasper...
carlisle and esme...
rosalie and emmett...
and the rest...
and i can't give up hoping for midnight sun!!! =)


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