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me personally i would want it to be about renesmee growing up and her relationship with jacob. of course it has to be told from her point of view; but it has to incorporate challenges that are similar to the ones her mom went through.

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A book only about Edward point Form breaking Dawn wath he felling about when He know is a father and Renesmee growing up and Jacob Points about this most important part Edward part because he don't have a part and is make me so much question about it .......

Sorry for mestakes.
alice and Jasper. alice and jasper. alice and jasper. Oh,. did i mention i REALLY REALLY REALLY want a book about Alice and Jasper?

then again, anyone would be fine as long as they are in it somehow.
I think that I would want Reneseme to tell the story not just about her relationship with Jacob but about everyone.
I say Alice.Dont get me wrong a book about Bella,Edward and Renesmee would be great, but I fill since Alice has so much that is a mistery, on how or who and why her creater did what they did to save her from James a book like this would be great.And it would tell why Alice choose the Cullens as a family and why her and Edward are so close togther as one.Thats my filling on a new book.
the saga is about how their love can win against everything and u want them to be cheating on each other? and renesmee being abused? idk..
I would write about Renesmee and Jacob in Bella's and Renesmee's point of view
it would be about renesmee and jacob too
Um I would write about Renesmee and Jacob or I would write about Edward, Bella and Renesmee's life with Jacob as there pet (lol) just kidding but Jacob would be in it and the rest of the Cullens
i would write about Renesmee;s Life getting older in a since lolz... i would write about her and jacobs love and how bella and her family live just to give people an idea
I think you have some good idea's. &&She could change it from Bella's point of view to Nessie's.
well i think bella do belong with edward. Well because to me she have like better connections with him than she do with jacob. and like she said in the new moon movie it will always be edward so yea. so she's better off with edward and she want to become one of him so she don't care what jacob say anyway so he bit her in breaking dawn because she was very sick cause she is prenganet


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