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me personally i would want it to be about renesmee growing up and her relationship with jacob. of course it has to be told from her point of view; but it has to incorporate challenges that are similar to the ones her mom went through.

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That sounds cool, I think it should actually be from Bella, Edward and Renesmee's point of view only because there's so much depth behind it all, how edward feels about jacob although it all changed in the field...there could be so many different ideas to continue the story though
A Twilight/Harry potter crossover. HP is one of my obbessions.
Me Too About Twilight and Harry potter
Thatwould be soo cool... magic AND!ju
I think i would write it as edward like saving nessie and stuff instead of bella. I think that could be good
Renesmee, and time would have passed at least 15 - 20 years. I would love to have all of Carlisle's data/questions about Nessie's development come to some conclusion. Also, her relationship with Jacob...I can't imagine it being romantic, since it was speculated that she will be fully grown in 7 years. You know the Volturi, will want her as well. There are so many different avenues this could go down. I have enough ideas for another series.

Also, Bella's story does not have to be over...I don't think that Aro has ever seen a gift like Bella's before and he wants it. Man, I wish I could write.
lol i iwsh u could write too=] ur ideas are great.. i hope stephenie writes more about reneesmes life and life over the next 10-20 years
With the Cullen family having grown and it's two newest memebrs special powers, and knowing that all the other vampires are not happy with the Volturri, perhaps a book telling how the Royal Family of the vampires are done away with/ destroyed for having done something bad/breaking the rules to the Cullen family would be interesing. Of course they would be taken down by the Cullens, Tanya coven and all their friends. So would this mean the Cullens are the new Royal family? Hmmm, does sound interesting don't you think?
I think there is possibly more with the volturi, they are evil so and so's and do not think they would give up that easily!!!!! Telling the story form renesmee's viewpoint is a really good one with her powers growing (she can by touch change what people do) and possible offspring.
it would be about nessi growing up
I've already started! The Volturi come back to wipe out the Cullens (after the embarassment of Breaking Dawn confrontation) They have been jealous and threatened by the Cullens since we first met them in New Moon! Edward KNOWS they are after them! The Cullens win the battle and destroy the Volturi (thanks mainly to Bella's shield and the alliance with the wolves..) making the Cullens the new "Royal" Vampire Family! All the covens INSIST they assume the title! Bella is a really AWSOME vampire ! we can't just put her away with Breaking Dawn!! That puts Charlie and Billy and Sue in the unique position to be the human protectors of thier loved ones secrets and thier town of FORKS.....
So, Jake imprinted on Renesmee, but she won't return the feelings (romantically) as she ages. Nahuel stays in the area under the guise of joining thier vegetarian lifestyle but also acting as a "guard" for this new Royal Family! His secret intention is to HAVE Renesmee, he's determined to have a family the way he never had one! Renesmee is his key and Edward and Carlise can take care of the complications. (He really doesn't care if Renesmee feels the same...HE'S gonna have what he wants....he's a little twisted and will be a problem later) Edward becomes so obsessed with protecting Renesmee and running the "vampire empire" jake and Bella end up consoling one another..a little too much too often they rekindle thier Love and ACT on it!... "edward always thought of himself in a horror movie, not a fairy tale...." well it just might end up a horror story! Out of spite Edward banishes the wolves to Canada. And like in all TOO GOOD to be true relationships....the complications, irritations take over and the love dies......Bella starts spending her time in the human population, insisting now on going to college....and she starts a romance with a human hottie!!! She knows what can and can't be done, and shes not scared like Edward was! Edward's busier with Renesmee now because Nahuel got her pregnant while she slept or something......and she wants Carlise and edward to terminate the pregnancy but Nahuel won't have it! he threatens to kill her if she does! We find out Nahuel hasn't been vegetarian and he has a whole little coven on the side and attacks the Cullens to kidnap his child and Renessme and get them away from edward to be HIS family! Does Bella show up in time to help her family! Does Edward let the wolves back to be the protectors they desperately need right now? stay tuned!
I like that bella or edward have a lover, will be more interesting rol. what happend then with the vampire love isn't forever? or simply wants a aventure?


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