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me personally i would want it to be about renesmee growing up and her relationship with jacob. of course it has to be told from her point of view; but it has to incorporate challenges that are similar to the ones her mom went through.

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Leah, Reneesme and jacob ofcourse, charlie sue and billy, and the end of the volturi lol
so what, weird is fine with me
lol i think wierd is fine with all of us!
I don't know.... Probably Edward or more Jacob because his cracks at Rosalie made me laugh so hard......
Jasper's story would be very interesting. Guys would love to see his life on a movie but I will choose Alice's life.
I think the story of Renesmee in 7 years would be an awesome book because Nessie would be old and into Jacob.
yes i agree with bianca it would be an awsomee book!! XD
renesmee and jacob of course...
then alice and jasper...
carlisle and esme...
rosalie and emmett...
and the rest...
and i can't give up hoping for midnight sun!!! =)


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