The Twilight Saga

if you were a vampire would you be a 'vegitarian vamp' like the cullens or a regular human blood sucker?

??what would you be ??

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Cullen no doubt
I would be like Edward when he fed on humans. Kill the bad.
Psh, 'most everybody would say vegitarian because they're the good guys. ;3 I would, too, I suppose... but if it weren't Twilight and vegitarians didn't exist, being a normal bloodsucker doesn't sound half bad. x3
ya i guess if twilight didnt exist which is hard to say and i dont know how i would live but umm i guess a regular vampire wouldnt be soo bad.....
2 hard too say! but ur right i guess BUT only bad mean people
thrue only the mean ones
VEGITARIAN! i would NEVER ON PURRPOSE HURT ANY 1 (me being a klutz don't count!)
Vegetarian. I think I'd have problems like Bella had before she became a vampire with all the murder names and such....I'd hate being so guilty of so many murders - I wouldn't be able to be so ruthless.
Isn't it just crazy how much this twilight saga has effected so many women! Young and old! Quit a story isn't it! I would try to be a vegetarian of course.....
Vegetarian. I would rather be friends with people than to have to stay away because of the "thirst". Besides I like hunting in the woods. ;-)
regular human blood sucker.


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