The Twilight Saga

if you were a vampire would you be a 'vegitarian vamp' like the cullens or a regular human blood sucker?

??what would you be ??

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its to curel to not be..
but saying that...
i wouldnt evan hurt a fly..
vegetarian. Maybe someday the Cullens will adopt me! LoL
lol ya me too thats what i wrote earlyer :Pi wish they would :p
vegitarian, because i wouldnt want to be a monster.
SOOOOOO, vegetarian! Team EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
veg vampire definately! i wud find the cullens and ask them to help me control my thirst!!! lol
vegetarian... only if the cullens adopt me!!! no kidding I would prob be a vegetarian...wait-no..yeah
regular human bloodsucker
they taste better
:-) lol
how long can you survive without chocolate?
I would defintely want to be a vegaterian because why would anyone want to be like james victoria or laurent idk .
not everyone want to be good
i would b a vegitarian vampire.


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