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hey you guys im really confused cos ive just read breaking dawn again AND IT WAS AWESOME, but does anyone know if charlie knows bellas a vampire cos i know he knows jacobs a were wolf but does he know shes a vampire????

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I dont think Charlie knows about Bella being vampire. It is not mentioned in the book.
but i think he knows somethings up :/
No, Charlie never finds out about everything. He just knows that something weird is up with everyone and just leaves it all on a need to know basis. He decides what he thinks he really needs to know and leaves what he doesn't feel he really needs to know alone. He now knows about the werewolves and that's enough weirdness for him. He just enjoys his family, knows something is different about his daughter, and goes on with life without asking questions.
yes but he knows about jake being a werewolf
no just knows bella is different
charlie doesn't know ... he stays in lala land,,, and plays dumb ... but he knows what he wants to believe ... like life we just see through rose colored glasses,,, want we want ta see an nothin else matters...
ooh ok thanks lol
ooh i get it now hehe thanksss


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