The Twilight Saga

I was on this site and saw this blog they posted about Breaking dawn the movie...
They said..
“We’ve come up with 10 ways the movie could either rake in major box-office bucks or epically fail in a way not seen since Speed Racer dropped off the face of the planet. Even Pattinson might not be enough to save this one.”

1. Bella and Edward’s Wedding
2. The “Sex” Scenes
3. Jacob’s Third of the Book
4. Renesmee’s Birth
5. Renesmee Carlie Cullen
6. A Major Lack of Edward
7. An Influx of Utterly Pointless Characters
8. The Absence of Action
9. Superfluous Plot Points that Go Nowhere
10. A Vampire War that’s Won by … Talking?

I get what they mean.. the lack of action, the birth scene's kind gross, (all the blood and stuff), i hated Jacobs third of the book and i hope they keep that out, but for some reason there are Jacob fans out there so it would prob' be in the movie....

What do u think about this?
Do you think Breaking dawn will be good or a disaster to the twilight saga name...?

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nuffin is as good as the books. there is so much more detaile in the books..

i think i will be very good tho... the whole nessie's birth ect...
it will be probablly be the best of the sieres so i say it wil be an awsome moive
i think it will be awsome cus everyone will be addicted to the series by the time it comes out. breaking dawn is my favorite book.
It would be horrid.
Its going to be just as awesome as the rest of the movies..... They are going to make it in two parts......
aww crap..
you mean we're gonna have to wait even LONGER for the movie


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