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It could just be me but does anyone else get disturbed at the fact that Jacob imprinted on Reneesme. I know it can't be helped but that is the only thing in breaking dawn that weirded me out. Let me know what you think

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Lol,I KNow Right When I Read That I was Like "Is He SERIOUS..What The Helll Is Wrong With You Dude?She's A Freakin' BABY You Perv!!!!!!!!" It Really Was Ughh.I Coudnt Beleived He Did That I mean I Knew He Woud Imprint Just Not On A Freakin' Baby!!And It Was Kinda Fny When Bella Figured Out That Jake Had Imprinted On Reneesme.She Launched But As A Good Friend Seth Had To Ruin It.I Love Seth And Even Sometimes I Thin Im team Sethward lol.But It Was Perty Nasty When Jake Did That I Was In Shock. Oh And I Love You Seth But Too Bad Cuz This Is How I Like My Men Seth...---->

lol atleast someone agrees with me
I do not think that "most" is an accurate term for them imprinting on children. Granted it is clearly possible and does happen, but even in their "wolf culture" I do not think it was "normal".
i agree! its not 'normal' at all...
You have to realize that true love is not all about the sexuall side. When you truly love someone you want them to be happy and that is what Jake wanted for Renesmee... It had nothing to do with finding her sexy that was the furthest thing in his mind!!

He wanted to above all else make her happy! They have a connection she is his world and everything he will do now is for her!!
I think that was a good idea because Jacob could stop being in love with Bella.
I couldn't agree more. I was like "Ewwwwwwww".. But also in Eclipse Jacob tells Bella about Quil imprinting on Claire and yea..So i guess its not THAT Gross or weird. But yes.. And the fact shes going to stay young forever makes it more weird...
well wolfs have to imprint...yea she is a baby..but jacob is going to stop growing and reneesme will grow until she reaches 17 or 18..which is like jacob's age..and they could b 2gether...duhh


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