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This is a story I read on another website. The person that wrote it gave me permission to publish it here. I know I have so many stories up on this but hey. Oh and btw I hav another one that I'm putting on later. Anyway, back to this one. So yeah, I'm publishing this on here so that the person that wrote can get feedback (I'm going to send it to her on the other site) and to see what you think of it. I think it's really good.

Chapter 1

Before I get into the depths of this tantalizing tale, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I was born six and a half years ago to possibly the two most in-love people you would ever meet in your entire life. From the start, dad knew that mom was the one for him, though it caused him a lot of torture in the beginning. Over time, though, he couldn’t stay away from her, and she couldn’t resist him either. It’s a story I’ve heard many times, and I can’t help but smile when I hear the story of their lives together. If you could see them, you’d know.

But then you’d also see them and the rest of us. You’d look at our snow-pale skin, amber irises that fade to black and back to amber, and notice the shocking beauty that makes people stop dead in their tracks as we walk by. And then you’d wonder: how could a person look that devastatingly beautiful?

That’s your answer; they can’t. We aren’t human. By any human standards, we are breathtaking, and we have to be. My real family is the Olympic Coven, a group of eight vampires (excluding myself) that occupy the Olympic peninsula. But why am I excluding myself? Because, you see, I am special.

Even by looking at me, you can tell that there is something that sets me apart from my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. If someone were to put their hand on any one of those people’s icy, diamond hard chests, they would feel nothing but the reflex action as they inhaled and exhaled purely out of habit. However, if you placed your hand against my chest, you’d feel warmth, and a fluttering heart. You’d see the faint flush of blood running under my skin, and a body that doesn’t run cold.

I am warm, I am breathing, I am half human.

Remember what I said about my parents and how my dad had a lot of trouble in the beginning? Well, my mom was still human when they met. Her blood had a wonderful aroma that was painfully delicious, even to a controlled vampire. It got her into quite a lot of trouble at that time. She was hunted down twice because of her smell in her human days. And then my parents got married, and went on their honeymoon…well, you know what happens on honeymoons. And of course, nobody thinks of protection when you’re a living corpse. So that’s how I came to be. In the two weeks between my conception and my birth, I almost killed my mother, drinking her blood and starving her body, which forced her to drink human blood, the way a normal vampire should. (Did I mention we’re not normal?) And then I almost killed her when I came out, forcing my dad to inject his venom straight into her heart and bite her several times to make sure there was enough of it coursing through her veins to save her life.

After that, I didn’t need stories anymore. I remember everything from about three hours after I was born on. I grew so fast that everyone worried that I would never stop. Three inches or so a day is a lot for a newborn, don’t you think? But the growth slowed exponentially, and that brings us to now, six and a half years later. I look the same age as my parents, though my dad is seventeen/over a hundred and my mom is eighteen/going on twenty-five. Pretty cool, huh? There are only a select few of my kind, and I remain the only one who has survived with her mother intact, thanks to dad’s quick thinking.

But that brings me to another story: Jacob Black.

He and my mom have known each other since they were young, even though they didn’t really get to know each other until she came to the Olympic peninsula to live with my human grandfather, Charlie. And when dad left because he thought it was for her and the rest of the family’s safety, it was Jacob she turned to. They are best friends, and they share a very deep connection.

Jacob is what he calls a werewolf, though he’s really only a shape shifter. Long ago, Jacob’s ancestors and my family (minus me, mom, Alice, and Jasper) made a treaty that they wouldn’t kill/bite people at all and they’d stay away from their lands, La Push. They hated each other. And then mom came along and screwed with everything, both by falling in love with dad and befriending Jacob, eventually leading to their Unity. Though the treaty and everything has long been compromised, some of the family still won’t go near La Push, and most of the Pack won’t go anywhere near where we live. Jacob has been by my side since I was born, being my protector and my brother, and anything I could ever need, Jacob is right there with me. He’s my best friend in every sense of the word.

My world is crazy, full on mythical creatures and horror stories that no human should ever know about. My name is Renesmee Cullen, and this is my story.

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I will when I get more. It's best 2 do this at a cliffhanger cos people want da next bit. Soz if u feel like it's unfair tho. x
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Okay so you've earned chapter 4. But I want more comments because I did this on my other story and got way more. More comments will give you faster updates. Plz give me more comments. And Sav yours aren't going to count because you have read it all anyway.

Chapter 4

Jacob Black’s POV

It had been a while since I had gotten any time with Bella. Sure, I still got time with her now and again, but nowadays I was spending so much time with Nessie and she so much time with Edward, we didn’t have time by ourselves much. It was nothing like it used to be when she would sneak off to be with me when Edward was being particularly controlling psychotic, but what could I have done about that? I did exactly what I did: kidnapped her several times.

“Hey Bells?” She poked her head above the couch where she was lying and I walked to her, leaning over the back of the couch.

“Remember that time when I kidnapped you from school on my bike?” she laughed. Of course she remembered. How could she not? I’m sure that would have made her top ten list.

“Yeah, and it’s funny because I was just telling that story to Nessie yesterday when she asked me what you were like when we were younger. Man, Alice looked so mad.” Ah, yes. The expression on the fortune-teller’s face still had me laughing, even though she and I had gotten along for the most part since the fight with the Volturi.

“I remember when you used to hate that nickname, Nessie.”

“Run away while you still can,” she hissed. She was livid at me for imprinting on her daughter, not that it was my fault.

“C’mon, Bells! Nessie likes me, too,” I tried to lighten up the situation. Of course I wasn’t trying to make her like me, she already did. Bella didn’t seem to like that. She froze in her position. She stopped breathing. Everyone in the room was tense and anxious, waiting to see when she would finally snap.

“What…did you call her?” She growled. I took a step back, a little bit scared.

“Well,” I mumbled, “That name you came up with is kind of a mouthful and…”

“You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch Ness Monster?” she screeched. She lunged for me, and I didn’t even try to protect myself. I saw a large, dark blur streak across my vision

“Seth, you dumbass!” I growled. He had lunged for Bella as she had lunged for me, putting himself in the way. He held her down momentarily, but in her haste to rip my throat out, she had twisted his arm out of the way. Even werewolf strength was no match for a newborn vampire, but two fully fledged vampires, one with body-building muscles, was obviously enough to hold her back. Jasper and Emmett had pulled her away from Seth, looking apologetically at him while he straightened his arm so the bone didn’t set wrong. What a dumbass.

“That was a stupid idea for you to use that nickname right after I had been turned. And after me finding out you had imprinted on her, no less!” she glared at me.

“I wasn’t thinking!” I tried to reason. And really, I wasn’t. When you’ve got the world in your arms, nothing else really matters to you.

“Yeah, you never really think, Jake.” She teased and went back to watching the TV. I joined her on the couch, playfully pushing her over, and she pushed me back. We knew who would win this fight, and even through my pride, I knew it wouldn’t be me.

“This just in. American Airlines flight 212 direct Seattle, Washington to Milan, Italy has been discovered grounded in northeastern Quebec.” I could feel both the blood and the smile drop from my face. No. No. No. I looked at Bella. She had stopped breathing, her eyes glued to the TV screen.

“Edward.” She whispered. “Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie.” A split second after she said each name, they were there. The News Anchor hadn’t even begun the next line yet.

“It is uncertain what happened to the plane in the moments leading up to the crash, as examiners are still deciphering the black box. It is certain, however, that anyone that was in the plane at the time of the crash did not survive.”

“That was their flight wasn’t it?” Esme whispered, almost inaudible. I don’t know how I made myself do it, but I nodded.

The news continued, but I couldn’t hear any sound. There was only one thing going through my head. Alice would have definitely survived, but did Renesmee have enough vampire blood, so to speak, in her to survive that crash, or was she so human that something like that would kill her? It was that type of question that we all wondered about. I could see the same fear written across Bella’s face, and Edward’s too. Rosalie was leaned against Emmett’s broad chest, her hand over her mouth. Jasper had his cell phone out in a flash, dialing Alice, trying to reach her. When he brought his hand down, the essence of fear in the room was even worse.

“Try Nessie.” Bella whispered. I knew she was afraid. He nodded and brought the phone to his ear again. Every moment seemed to trudge by, molasses in an igloo. It had seemed like an hour before he shook his head. She hadn’t answered. My body went cold, but my heart seemed to be pumping at a faster rate than normal.

“We have an update,” the anchor’s voice shattered the silence, “all bodies were accounted for but two. It is investigators are not sure of what happened to Alice and Renesmee Cullen, only that they are not at the crash site or in the surrounding area.”

A collective sigh of relief issued from the room. I felt lightheaded as my heart struggled to push itself down to normal rhythm. Instantly, I felt at ease, and I couldn’t figure out why, until I looked at Jasper. The relief on his face was very visible. Stupid vampires and their stupid powers, I thought, though this time I was glad for the calming sensation.

“That would explain why they’re not answering their phones. I doubt there’s any service in northeastern Quebec. It’s all snow and forest.” Jasper said, walking around the couch to where Bella lay curled against Edward’s chest. “I’m sure they’re fine, Bella. Alice is by no means a dainty princess.” He reassured. The intense calming feeling vaguely made me recall the time I had been given so much morphine that I almost overdosed on it the time I had gotten in a fight with a new vampire.

“I know, Jasper, I know.” She sighed. It was silent again, save for the News still going in the background.

“Jazz, feeling kinda stoned here…” I slurred. He smiled at me and eased up a little bit.

I looked out the window. It was dark, a swollen moon hung halfway up the sky, casting ghostly shadows on the trees and everything around them. Renesmee had called when she first got on the plane, at eight-thirty. That put the departure at about nine. It would have taken roughly six hours to reach the crash site, putting the crash at mid-afternoon. It was now nine forty-seven PM, almost seven hours after the crash. That would have been more than enough time to reach a phone. I could tell the question on everyone’s mind was the same as my own.

Where were they?


Being a wolf gave me a certain sense of calm in and of itself, but not the drugged sort of calm that I got being in the room with a supernatural vampire. It was natural, basic, animalistic calm…at least, that’s what I felt on one of the rare occasions that I wasn’t sharing my mind with two of my pack mates.

Jacob, dude, will you please calm down? You’re giving me a headache. It was Quil. I suppose if I had to be sharing my mind with someone, it was Quil. Now, if only Embry was around here somewhere, it would be great. It would be just like being with them before this whole mess, except with invasive mind-reading. Unfortunately, I never really got my way.

Jacob, she’s a vampire, she’ll be fine. The irritatingly calm voice of Sam. Since the battle all those years ago, Sam and I had resolved our differences, and he had actually volunteered to step down as the Alpha. For a while, I refused, but at Seth’s persistent and sometimes annoying urging, I stepped up. Though Sam’s voice had lost the command of an Alpha voice, there was still something about it that made me not want to disobey. Old habits die hard, I suppose.

But she’s also half-human, Sam! She’s just like her mom; attracts trouble like a magnet. I growled.

I’m sure she doesn’t get into that much trouble. How could she with a family of Vampires and a pack of wolves to protect her?

Quil, how could you be so naïve? Well, I suppose you don’t really have to worry, do you? Claire is what, eight?

Nine, he corrected, what’s your point?

My point is that all you have to worry about is her falling down and scraping her knees.

Claire gets into a lot more trouble than you give her credit for. Were you not there when she broke her arm last week? I could almost see the grimace on his face. He blamed himself, naturally. And technically speaking, Claire is older than Nessie.

But is Claire almost full grown? Dude, you’re lucky she’s human.

Lucky?! He was almost screaming at me, lucky that I constantly have to worry about her getting hurt? Nessie jumps out of trees and lands on her feet without a scratch, Clair falls out of a tree and breaks her arm! Lucky that if she was on that plane, she’d most certainly be dead? If anything Jake, you are the lucky one. Nessie may not be invincible, but she’s pretty damn close. And then I felt bad. If there was anyone who could empathize with this situation, it would be Quil. While Sam was still imprinted on Emily, she was old enough to take care of herself. Claire and Nessie needed more protecting than that.

I’m sorry, dude, I’m just scared.

She will be fine. She’s with Alice isn’t she? Sam’s voice took me off guard. I had forgotten he was even there. I’ve seen that girl in action, she’s no doll.

I know, but you know you’d be worrying too. As much as I just loved sharing my innermost secrets with Quil and Sam, I really wanted to be alone, and they took the hint.

There was that blissful calm feeling that I was aiming for, just me and the night. I took off running. I don’t know how long I ran, maybe twenty miles, before I came upon a clearing. It was maybe fifty feet across, but through the slight opening in the trees, I could very clearly see the almost full moon. I sat down in the middle, just watching the moon for a long moment. When I could hold it in no longer, I let loose the howl that had been fighting to escape me since I had started worrying about Nessie in the first place, hoping valiantly that she was close enough to hear it.


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