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This is a story I read on another website. The person that wrote it gave me permission to publish it here. I know I have so many stories up on this but hey. Oh and btw I hav another one that I'm putting on later. Anyway, back to this one. So yeah, I'm publishing this on here so that the person that wrote can get feedback (I'm going to send it to her on the other site) and to see what you think of it. I think it's really good.

Chapter 1

Before I get into the depths of this tantalizing tale, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I was born six and a half years ago to possibly the two most in-love people you would ever meet in your entire life. From the start, dad knew that mom was the one for him, though it caused him a lot of torture in the beginning. Over time, though, he couldn’t stay away from her, and she couldn’t resist him either. It’s a story I’ve heard many times, and I can’t help but smile when I hear the story of their lives together. If you could see them, you’d know.

But then you’d also see them and the rest of us. You’d look at our snow-pale skin, amber irises that fade to black and back to amber, and notice the shocking beauty that makes people stop dead in their tracks as we walk by. And then you’d wonder: how could a person look that devastatingly beautiful?

That’s your answer; they can’t. We aren’t human. By any human standards, we are breathtaking, and we have to be. My real family is the Olympic Coven, a group of eight vampires (excluding myself) that occupy the Olympic peninsula. But why am I excluding myself? Because, you see, I am special.

Even by looking at me, you can tell that there is something that sets me apart from my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. If someone were to put their hand on any one of those people’s icy, diamond hard chests, they would feel nothing but the reflex action as they inhaled and exhaled purely out of habit. However, if you placed your hand against my chest, you’d feel warmth, and a fluttering heart. You’d see the faint flush of blood running under my skin, and a body that doesn’t run cold.

I am warm, I am breathing, I am half human.

Remember what I said about my parents and how my dad had a lot of trouble in the beginning? Well, my mom was still human when they met. Her blood had a wonderful aroma that was painfully delicious, even to a controlled vampire. It got her into quite a lot of trouble at that time. She was hunted down twice because of her smell in her human days. And then my parents got married, and went on their honeymoon…well, you know what happens on honeymoons. And of course, nobody thinks of protection when you’re a living corpse. So that’s how I came to be. In the two weeks between my conception and my birth, I almost killed my mother, drinking her blood and starving her body, which forced her to drink human blood, the way a normal vampire should. (Did I mention we’re not normal?) And then I almost killed her when I came out, forcing my dad to inject his venom straight into her heart and bite her several times to make sure there was enough of it coursing through her veins to save her life.

After that, I didn’t need stories anymore. I remember everything from about three hours after I was born on. I grew so fast that everyone worried that I would never stop. Three inches or so a day is a lot for a newborn, don’t you think? But the growth slowed exponentially, and that brings us to now, six and a half years later. I look the same age as my parents, though my dad is seventeen/over a hundred and my mom is eighteen/going on twenty-five. Pretty cool, huh? There are only a select few of my kind, and I remain the only one who has survived with her mother intact, thanks to dad’s quick thinking.

But that brings me to another story: Jacob Black.

He and my mom have known each other since they were young, even though they didn’t really get to know each other until she came to the Olympic peninsula to live with my human grandfather, Charlie. And when dad left because he thought it was for her and the rest of the family’s safety, it was Jacob she turned to. They are best friends, and they share a very deep connection.

Jacob is what he calls a werewolf, though he’s really only a shape shifter. Long ago, Jacob’s ancestors and my family (minus me, mom, Alice, and Jasper) made a treaty that they wouldn’t kill/bite people at all and they’d stay away from their lands, La Push. They hated each other. And then mom came along and screwed with everything, both by falling in love with dad and befriending Jacob, eventually leading to their Unity. Though the treaty and everything has long been compromised, some of the family still won’t go near La Push, and most of the Pack won’t go anywhere near where we live. Jacob has been by my side since I was born, being my protector and my brother, and anything I could ever need, Jacob is right there with me. He’s my best friend in every sense of the word.

My world is crazy, full on mythical creatures and horror stories that no human should ever know about. My name is Renesmee Cullen, and this is my story.

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wowwww thts brilll man a have to admit lol
great beginning, hoping to hear more from this story!
Here is the first proper chapter.

Chapter 2

“I challenge you, right here, right now!”

“Seth, are you honestly going to challenge me to a fight? I could crush you like a twig.”

“Yeah, right. I could take on any of you. You’re just scared!”

“Then why don’t you challenge Emmett?”

“Do I look like I want to get killed?”

The scene playing out in the backyard between Seth Clearwater and Dad had us all laughing to ourselves. It was a typical Saturday afternoon at the Cullen household. The sky overhead was gray and cloudy, though an occasional ray of sunlight would poke through the clouds, glittering off someone’s skin. From my place in one of the large fir trees, I could see everyone scattered on the ground below me. Rosalie was out on the garage, her torso obscured by the large silver jeep that she was under, Emmet leaning against his beloved car and telling her things that would have her shooting out from under the car every few minutes to playfully slap him or bit back a retort that would have them giggling like fools. Jasper and Alice were playing tag, swerving through everyone at a speed that would be almost undetectable by human eyes. Every time Jasper got close to her, though, she would gracefully swerve out of the way, sometimes directly into his waiting arms. Carlisle had his arms around Esme, who was sitting next to my mom watching the battle unfold between my dad and Seth. Quil and Embry were cheering on Seth, though it was obvious he wouldn’t win.

Dad, go left and then jump, he’s going right and then for your legs. I thought to him, knowing full well he could hear me. I also knew full well that he already knew what Seth was doing, but that was beside the point. I saw him nod ever so slightly, even from my position in the tree. He did as I said and had Seth pinned on the ground before he could even react. Dad turned his head and flashed me a brilliant white smile that I returned, unmissed by Seth.

“Nessie, you cheater!” he yelled. I laughed and dropped from my branch, landing on the ground gracefully.

“Seth, you should know that when you’re going up against a vampire who can read minds, you’re not going to win.”

“You don’t know that.” he grumbled.

“Okay, we could just ask Alice…”

"Nessie, you know i can't see them!" she groaned. I mentally kicked myself. i always forgot.

“You know, Seth, if you really want a fair match, you should go up against your one of your own.” Alice said in her tinkling voice.

“Please, I would win hands down.” A low, husky voice sounded from behind me. I turned around to face a towering russet-skinned teenager. I threw my arms around his hard stomach.

“Jake! When did you get here?”

“About five seconds ago. Now, about ‘fair match’?” He smiled maniacally. I laughed and unwrapped my arms, letting him go and challenge his friend. As he walked away, I loped over to my mother, placing myself on the ground in front of her, cheering and laughing as Jacob and Seth went at it, almost evenly matched.

“What is it with men and constantly needing to show their bravado?” I wondered aloud. Mom scoffed.

"Nessie," She said, "you wrestle these guys all the time.” That earned a laugh from Esme and Carlisle.

“Well, yeah, but that’s different.”


“…it just is, okay?” I reasoned, sweeping my bronze curls off my shoulders. Mom began running her cool fingers through my hair, and I relished the feeling.

“Bella, honey, would you be up for a hunting trip tonight? I know everyone’s getting thirsty.” Esme asked. I let my head fall back and looked up into my grandmother’s eyes, as well as my mothers. There was only a tiny hint of warm amber left in them. As I thought about it, I could feel the fire in my throat too. A hunting trip was definitely needed in the near future.

“I was thinking about going to La Push tonight…maybe we could go when I get back?” I asked. The hesitancy in their eyes told me that their thirst had increased as they thought about it, too, and that they wanted to go as soon as possible. “Or, I could go with Jake and he could bring me back here later?” I half pleaded. Mom smiled.

“Alright, I trust you.”

After another hour of lounging around and play fights, Esme went to fetch Rose and Emmet to tell them that they were going hunting, and they all left, following the sun westward as it began to set beneath the clouds. Only Jacob and I were left in the sprawling yard. I turned to walk inside the house, but I knew what Jacob was going to do before he even got a few steps into it. With breakneck speed, I rounded on him and tackled him in midair, sending us crashing to the ground in a laughing heap. He got up and offered me a hand, and I took it gladly. He pulled me into a hug and I reached my hand up to his cheek, showing him the image of the only time Seth had beaten him that day.

“Well, fine then!” he said, and playfully pushed me away. I ran backwards a few paces, taunting him.

“Hey Jake?” I said.

“What?” he asked, slowly striding towards me.

“Race you to your house!” and I took off running.
message me when the next chapter id on tht is so good plz put the next one one
omg! so awesome! i love it!! its so cute!!! please post the next chapters!
LOVE iit!
Hey just realised I missed this out. This is the actual chapter 2. The one before is actually 1.

Hunting was a different experience with Jacob Black. It’s animalistic with both my family and him, but something about hunting with a giant wolf at my side just makes it that much cooler.

I let my senses govern my mind, and within moments I had tracked down a large deer. Not the most satisfying meal, but if you don’t want to go a long way away for bears and mountain lions, it will suffice. Carnivores were definitely the closest you could get to the taste of human blood. Herbivores lack the rich supply of iron in their blood that gives it such a wonderful taste. I pierced the animal in the jugular and drank heavily, relishing the feeling of fresh blood intermingling with my own. When all was said and done, I licked my lips clean and went to go find Jacob, who had gone off in another direction after a much larger buck.

It didn’t take me long. He was lying next to a half eaten carcass, looking like he was asleep. I smiled. What a guy…I thought. I bounded over to him and tousled the fur behind his ears. He opened his eye and lolled his tongue out at me in a dog smile. He pushed himself up off the ground and shot away from me, and I knew he was continuing our race.


“I won; you know it, get over it.” I teased. It had been a close race. Even though he had gotten a head start, I was still slightly faster than him and caught up to him a few hundred yards away from his house, finally shooting past him as we crossed the road into his front yard. He growled at me and sauntered into the house, up the stairs and into his bedroom to phase and put his clothes back on. I wandered past the stairs and into the kitchen, to be greeted by warm, familiar faces.

Billy, Jacob’s father, was seated around the table with Sam Uley and his wife Emily, who had their new baby girl, Amanda, cuddled against her chest.

“Hey Billy, Sam, Emily.” I said and nodded to each of them in turn. Emily smiled at me warmly, but Billy and Sam still had the stiff smiles that showed that there was still prejudice on their minds. Awkwardly, I turned on my heel and walked up the stairs to Jacob’s bedroom. The door was wide open and he wasn’t in it, but I knew he wouldn’t care if I walked in. I threw myself onto his enormous bed and gazed around his walls at the many familiar pictures.

It’s an interesting experience to have the same best friend as your mother, let me tell you. As I looked around, I saw many older pictures of Jake and my mom while she was still human, her skin still flushed pink, her eyes still warm brown, and her features still slightly flawed. Then there were pictures of me and him together in varying stages of my life, though through every photograph of either me or my mom, Jacob Black always looked exactly the same. He didn’t age at all.

I turned my head into his pillow, inhaling the familiar earthy scent. It wasn’t a particularly good smell, but the familiarity of it brought me a certain amount of comfort. For a while, I lay there, contemplating life and all that went along with it, until I began to wonder where Jacob was. Almost as if on cue, I heard a groaning coming from the bathroom.

“Jake, you alright?” I called through the door.


“Do you mind if I come in?” but he beat me to the door. I gasped.

Even for being as dark as he was, he looked pale. His eyes were half shut and he leaned against the doorframe. He looked absolutely awful.

“Jake-wha-What’s wrong?”

“I thought that deer tasted funny…” he trailed off. Now it was my turn to groan.

“You idiot! You ate a sick one?” he nodded. “How did you not taste it?”

“I did. I just wasn’t thinking, I guess.” He shrugged. It didn’t really affect Vampires when we drank the blood of sick animals, nor did it affect wolves when they were phased as wolves, but when they were back to being humans…they were prone to human food poisoning.

“Ugh! You’re going to be sick for like three days. Look, you get some sleep, I’m going to go home.” I said.

“No, please don’t leave…” he pleaded, and I looked up at his dark face. Reaching up, I placed my hand to his face, which was a few degrees warmer than his normal one-hundred-eight, and showed him a picture of what would happen if I stayed. As rare as it might be, I could still get sick, and I knew that me being in any kind of pain would be unpleasant for him. He nodded and took my small, cold hand in his huge, warm one.

“I’ll come back when you’re better, I promise.” I assured him, and closed the gap between us in a hug. I pressed my face to his chest and Jake ran his free hand through my hair. I sighed and pulled away slightly to look up at him and smile, then took a step back.

“Call me?” I said. He nodded and I pulled my hand gently from his grip, striding down the stairs and out into the night.


The sound that greeted me when I went through the door was peaceful; the sound of a piano. I rounded the corner to see my dad sitting alone at the piano bench. I crossed the room in a few steps, gracefully sliding into the piano bench next to him.

“Do you mind?” he shook his head slightly and I placed my hands on the piano, blending seamlessly in with the harmony line as he switched to the higher tones of the melody. It was a tune I knew well: He had written it for my mom, he called it her lullaby. Dad was ecstatic when he realized that I had the taste and skill for the piano that he had, and since then he had taken to teaching me all that he knew about the beautiful instrument. The moment the tune ended, he switched to another tune, another one I knew. Only this time, it was my lullaby. Smiling, I played the song that could quell even the darkest of my nightmares.

“I love you, daddy.” I said and put my head on his shoulder when the last of the notes faded into silence. He smiled and put his arms around my shoulder, running his long fingers through my hair.

“Love you too.” I smiled at him and rose from my place on the bench, going to find my mom. It didn’t take me long. She was in Alice’s room trying to convince Alice that she didn’t need or want to go to Italy to get more dressy clothes.

“Fine! Nessie’s going to go with me anyway. Right, Nessie?” she said as I rounded the corner into her room.

“Definitely.” I nodded, and she grinned.ThoughAlice couldn't see my future,she knew me well enough to know that i would go.Gracefully, she danced over to me and kissed my cheek and bounded from the room, calling out to Jasper for some reason or another.

“So, basically, Jake is an idiot.” I said and sat on the couch next to my waiting mom. She laughed, a very musical sound.

“What did he do now?” she smiled at me.

“Ate a sick deer and didn’t even think about how it tasted. He’s got some major food poisoning.”

“Yeah, he’s not the smartest person sometimes.” Her mouth cocked into a half smile, remembering her Jacob from long ago. As I looked at her, I could faintly see the human girl that my mom once was, the girl who had entered a world that she was never supposed to know about.

“Mom, tell me about what Jacob used to be like.” I whispered.

“Oh, man. He really hasn’t changed that much.” She absentmindedly toyed with my hair. “He still likes cars,” I nodded “He still has a tendency to be quite the arrogant jerk,” I nodded again, smiling “and he would still go to any lengths to protect the things that he loves. Honey, you’re seeing the same guy I saw when I moved here. Only, now he’s accepted our family as part of his family too. It used to tear me apart. When Edward came back to me, at first he wouldn’t let me see Jacob at all. I would try to sneak down to La Push, only to find him waiting in my car after temporarily disabling my truck. There was one time, though, that Jacob showed up at my school. ‘Run, Bella! Run!’ he screamed. I dropped everything for that day and ran to him, and we sped off on his bike. Man, was Edward furious.” She laughed wistfully.

“Do you ever wish things would have been different? If you had chosen him instead of Dad?” I sighed. She suddenly looked very serious and very still. Her golden eyes stared me down directly, and I was almost afraid.

“I had plenty of time to wonder about that. Never, though, for a second, do I wish that I had chosen Jacob. Edward…he’s too much a part of me for me to just let him go. Not that he didn’t try to make me. ‘Bella, you’re in so much pain, wouldn’t you be happier with him?’ and all that nonsense. Besides,” and she smiled “If I would have chosen Jacob, there would have been no you.”

“Hey Nessie, get your bags packed!” I heard Alice’s sing-song voice from the doorway. Momentarily, I looked at her in confusion, but then I remembered. Before I could get a word out, she spoke again. “We’re leaving for Italy tomorrow!”

There u go.
just nicccccccccccce
Here is chapter 3

Surprisingly enough, Jacob was waiting for me in the small living room of our cottage when I woke from a very rarely needed sleep the next day. I smiled when I saw that his skin was no longer pale and ashy, but warm and cheery like it should have been. He got up from his place on the sofa and stood up, wincing as he hit his head on a crossbeam that went across the ceiling.

“You look like you’re feeling better.” I said in between fits of giggles. He half glared, half smiled at me while he rubbed the spot.

“It isn’t funny, Nessie!”

“That’ll go down in about a minute, you know it.”

“That’s beside the point, and yes, I am feeling better, thank you.” I crossed the room and went to hug him, relishing the warmth of his bare torso. He shivered.

“Ness, I don’t care what they say about you being part human, you are really cold.” But he didn’t push me away, he only held me closer.

“Well then, I’ll just stop making you freeze.” I pulled back a little and he held me tighter still, but werewolf strength was no match for the immeasurable brawn of a vampire, and I freed myself from his arms.

“Aw, Nessie, don’t be like that.” His dark face turned down into a pout. Even through it, I could see the tiny hint of a smile that showed he knew I was teasing.

“Really, Jake, I have to get going. Alice and I have a flight to catch, remember?”

“Oh, yeah. Italy.” He said with some distaste. Jacob had had a particular disdain for Italy, and especially the Vampires that had lived there, since our little soiree with the Volturi. Though almost all of his vampire prejudice was gone, the Volturi still struck a nerve with him. I suppose it was because they were coming for me, but he should have well gotten over that now.

“We are not going anywhere near Volterra, I promise.” I tried to reassure him, but he still looked uneasy. “Look, Alice wants to avoid the Volturi just as much as I do. We’ll be fine, I promise. We’re going to be in the north. Milan, I think, probably Venice as well.”

“It’s not really that,” I looked at Jacob skeptically “okay, it’s partially that. I just don’t want you to go.” He looked genuinely sad as he said that last part. He sat back down on the couch, slouching over with his elbows on his knees.

“Why? I’ll be back, I promise.” I walked over to him. He watched my progress with wary eyes. “Look, I’m not going to meet some random person in Italy and run off and get eloped and forget all about you. I’m just going on a little shopping vacation with Alice.” I placed my hand to his face, dreaming up visions of all the fun we’d have shopping, trying on clothes, and all around being girls.

“Okay, okay, no need to show me the gory details.”

“It made you smile, didn’t it?”

“Well, yeah, I guess. I’m just going to miss you, Nessie.”

“Aw, Jake.” I wrapped my arms around his huge, muscular shoulders.

“You’ll call me, right?”

“Duh. I have to tell you about all the gory details!” I giggled as he laughed and pushed me away playfully. I was glad I was getting him to smile. It made me feel a whole lot better.


It was a cloudy day, but Alice still pulled the window shade shut next to her first class seat. I had the other seat, the aisle, which gave me prime opportunities for a favorite pastime of mine: people watching. Though I didn’t get much more than a glimpse of people as they walked by, it was interesting to see their faces as they took in Alice and me sitting there. To them, I’m sure we looked like angels. Though my skin didn’t glitter like Alice and the rest of my family, it still glowed radiantly, even without much sunlight. I got a little bit of a kick out of every time one of them stopped and stared and subsequently got rammed by the carry-on bag that the person behind them was holding.

“Hey, be nice!” Alice whispered at me smiling. I grinned back at her.

“I’m not even doing anything; I’m just looking at them. You should try it, it’s kind of fun.” I said in a hum that I knew only her supersensitive ears would be able to hear.

Of course, I didn’t listen to Alice. If anything, I got worse. For fifteen minutes, I watched as countless people walked by. A few times, I even made a flirtatious wave or seductive smile at a passing man, which caused several women whom I’m assuming were their wives and girlfriends to glare at me as they passed. I just smiled innocently.

“Hello, this is your Captain speaking. You are on American Airlines Flight 212 direct Seattle to Milan, Italy. Flight time will be approximately fourteen hours. Please enjoy your flight with American Airlines.”

Smoothly, we sped down the runway and into the air. The first five hours of the flight were uneventful, until…

“Alice? Alice?” I said, trying to get her attention. I waved my hand in front of her face, but she had a blank, glassy stare. I knew what that meant. “Alice, what do you see?” I whispered. She snapped out of it a moment later and stared at me, her face horrorstruck. “What?” I asked, slightly panicked.

“The plane…” she whispered, so silently that I could only faintly hear the edge of fear.

“What about it?”

“It’s going to crash.” She was starting to hyperventilate a little bit.

“What?!” I said, a little too loudly. People stared at me.

“Not now, I don’t want to cause a panic!” she hissed.

“Why didn’t you see this before we got on the plane?”

“I don’t know, I wasn’t looking I guess. Hold on, I need to see what we’re going to do. Shut up for a few minutes, okay?” I nodded my head the tiniest fraction of an inch. I stared at her, trying to keep on the charade that nothing was wrong, for a while, but then we were interrupted when the plane began to shake.

“Hello, ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. We are experiencing some slight turbulence, this is all normal. Please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts. I will let you know when you can move about the cabin.” Her voice was level, but I could pick up a little bit of fear.

Two minutes, five minutes, ten minutes, the shaking hadn’t stopped. I could hear the engines groaning in the wings, protesting at the overwork of trying to stay steady. It wasn’t for another five minutes that the descent began.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. This plane is going down. There are life vest located under your seat and your seat cushion can be used as a flotation device. I wish you all the best of luck.” And then it was silent, but only for a moment. Then the panic began.

“Alice!” I said. She wouldn’t have been able to hear me if I had whispered. “What are we going to do?”

“I don’t know!” she screamed. “I can’t see because I haven’t made the decision!”

People all around us were yelling, crying. Men and Women had out their cell phones, dialing their families for one last goodbye. One woman was bent over, holding a rosary tightly in her hand, saying a Hail Mary. I felt guilty, seeing all these people that were going to die, knowing that Alice and I would most likely walk away from this unscathed, unless of course the plane caught fire and exploded.

“Alice!” I screamed.

“Okay, okay! Um, uh…” she looked around wildly for something, but then an idea clicked in her head. She yanked open the window, and I could see a vast, white plain below us, quickly getting closer and closer to us.

“Here’s what we’re going to do. You’re going to hold my hand as tightly as you can, alright? When we get close enough to the ground, I’m going to kick out this wall. At that point, you we’re going to jump out of the plane and run as fast as we can, should it explode on impact. We should be fine, okay?” I nodded silently. She stared out the window, carefully measuring the distance to the ground.

“On my count…” she held out her hand for me, and I grabbed her cool hand in mine.
“Three…” I looked around. People were still panicking; a few of them were staring at me, perhaps wondering if I was in fact an angel. “Two…” I looked at Alice and bit my lip, hoping that this would go alright, that nothing would go wrong. My guilt stabbed my heart again. We would most likely live; everyone else aboard would definitely not. The plane was going too fast, and the plain had turned to sparse forest. I closed my eyes and braced myself for what was coming. Alice tightened her grip on my hand, readying herself for what she was about to do. “One!”
more more more!!! amazing!
This is amazing
Actually amzing
Please write more soon


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