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Did he do it with only the purpose of saying goodbye and giving Bella a wedding present? Or was the real reason because he was secretly hoping to start something?

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you know he wanted to start something.
He came per Edwards invitation..Edward knew that Bella would want to see her best friend Jacob on her special day and she would think it imcomplete if he were not there. Their was always the chance to start something..he tried not to but we all know Jacob...I was bound to happen...but Edward would always be close by.
Obviously, he was planning to start something.... it's so not true that he was just planning to say goodbye.. Hmmf.
i really don't like jacob that much, specially in ECLIPSE (chapter "Fire and Ice") .. we all know that Jacob loved Bella at that moment so much that he would do everything just to stop that wedding...

>>>>Okay, my temper is starting to rise again/body>
actually he was the best man right?,but of course he couldn't come so Seth took his place at the wedding..and edward invited him because he knew that would make bella really happy..but knowing jacob...something might came up unexpectedly...and it was his fault asking if they're really gonna be having sex on their honeymoon..really stupid!.he's asking about things he know would hurt him!.masochistic!hmmmpf!
No... Carisle was Edwards best man and Alice was the maid of honor. Re read the wedding and you will see that Seth was in attendence but Carisle was standing to Edwards side indicating he was the best man.
I feel that Jacob keeps holding on for another chance with Bella. I have grown so much respect for Jacob. He's hurting so bad but yet he still respects Bella and still sticks by her. I do have to say in his defense he is always honest with Bella no matter what. Edward is to an extent. Edward is more concerned with Bella's safety which I can't argue there. I do feel that Bella loves Jacob but just loves Edward so much more. I really liked how Jacob told part of the book from his point of view.
I don't think Jacob respects respects Bella at all. He's always where he shouldn't be, he says things he shouldn't - just to hurt her, and he does not respect her personal space. He wasn't even able to offer her his friendship at any time. I was disappointed with his character. He just made things hard for Bella.
I agree with Rachel. Jacob manipulated Bella every chance he got. He forced himself on her, made her feel guilty and played on every emotion. He was an immature selfish jacka$$
I think he crashed the party to see Bella for the last time.
i think that Jacob came to the wedding with the purpose of saying goodbye and giving Bella a wedding present...but when Bella decided to share her little plans she made with Edward and how they would "try"...that sort of set Jacob off, giving him more reason to want to kill Edward...but i think that if it ever did turn to something, Edward would of done an excelent job of defending what BELONGS to him!
I tihnk he secretly hoping to start something or maybe hoppe she wouldn't go through w/ it...
He knows how terrified she was of marriage...
No I don't think he was secretly hoping to start something. I think he genuinely thought it was over for them and that he'd lost her forever. I think he'd always reminded himself mentally that it wasn't going to do any good if he didn't let go of her so he did not want to go to Bella's wedding and started running away (at the end of Eclipse). He only came to Bella's wedding because he submitted to his subconsciousness that he wanted to see Bella one last time before they became eternal enemies.


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