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Of course, Jacob Black imprints on the beautiful and young, Renesmee Cullen of Bella and Edward Cullen.  But, haven't you guys wanted to know what Jacob was thinking?  Maybe like he was thinking that his life was now in the hands of a monster?  I am totally aganist Renesmee.  She just adds to the trouble.  I am aganist Breaking Dawn, period.  In Breaking Dawn, everyone has to sacrifice for Bella's happy ending.  And, lastly, the part of Jacob Black that was mean and bitter is gone forever.

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I am not sure why you are against Breaking Dawn? Could you explain a little more? I think it gives all the characters a happy ending!! Jacob has such a bond with Renesmee, he would never think she was a monster.  I would love to discuss this with you further.


Well.., But doesn't it make sense!..Jacob feels attracted towards Bella from the start and though he realises she's for Edward he likes her and now those are all for Renesmee - she who is inside Bella!..And how could Jacob ever think Nessie is a monster?.Remember when Bella thought that the Wolfs are commiting the murder in Forks and she was debating about Jacob., a wolf okay but killing people?..Anyway killing people or not he's my friend!..Sort of things!..So love blinds it alll!..So Nessie is not a monster even if Jacob Doen't love her!

I agree with Renesmee's Mother:

Everyone has a happy ending which is ultimately what we all wish for!

he was only mean and bitter because Bella made him that way.
breaking dawn is a great book? Could u try to explain why u dont like it?
Renesmee is an unexpected twist in the tale of Twilight.  Nobody knew quite what to expect. When others saw the fetus as a monster, Bella saw it as a miracle.  She knew it would be a difficult pregnancy, but she felt it was worth it.  When Jacob imprints, he realises the child is not a monster, even though she came into the world in a monstrous way.  She came from love and inspires love  in the people surrounding her.  Everything is not perfect, but everyone finds at least a little happiness.
Jacob imprint is so cute most people says it's creepy because he's in love or cares about a baby who is about 1 day old and will never really get older of taller but I think Jacob would never think of Renesmee that way while she still younger than him and overall Breaking Dawn is the best book ever!

Well... The first thing I thought of was: WHAT?!! HOW THE HECK WOULD YOU HATE BREAKING DAWN?!!!! But I ca understand your feelings. A little. I guess Jacob just gave up after Bella *died* (not really). And then he just coincidencially made an imprint on Renesmee. So yeah, maybe Jacob became a *good guy* (a little) after imprinting on Renesmee because he loves her so much now. And maybe Edward's family is just a little (okay a lot) overprotective about Bella because Edward's family really loves him so much so they don't want him to be all sad and lonely. So yeah, Bella's the lucky one to have such supernatural beings protecting her like she's a God. But I don't think that Renesmee is just trouble in the book.

Well, that's what I think.*smiles* No offense to anybody.;">

people are saying that jacob was in love with renesme because she was half of Bella. shouldn't Jacob have been in love with Edward too since both Edward and Bella made Renesme? and i thought werewolfs hate the scent of vampires. even if she is half a vampire, shouldn't they hate each other's scent or does tru luv make all that stuff go away?

I don't know what people are saying, however the author of the book explained it well enough: an imprinting is beyond the control of the one that is imprinted upon.  

As for the scent issue, Renesmee is a hybrid, yes, but she is a creature with blood and a beating heart, not an ice cold creature with a body like marble.  So who is to say she "stinks" like a vampire?  That wouldn't even make sense, really. 

I dont understand where your coming from.I think jacob was fine after imprinting on her actually. I think that he even matured a whole lot and may I ask. What do you have against Renesmee?

Because people give really stupid reasons of why they dislike her?

Im glad that everyone got a happy-ending.


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