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Jacob's Invitation To Bella's Wedding: Was It Right Or Wrong Of Edward To Extend It ? And Was It Right Or Wrong Of Jacob To Accept It ?

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Jacob's Invitation To Bella's Wedding: Was It Right Or Wrong Of Edward To Extend It ? And Was It Right Or Wrong Of Jacob To Accept It ?

Question no. 1: Do you think that Edward made the correct decision when he invited Jacob, to attend his and Bella's wedding ? And why ?
Question no. 2: Having watched Jacob experience the joy, the love, the pain, and the anguish of a broken heart, would you have advised Jacob to attend Bella's wedding.

Saga relevance: Jacob was stunned when he opened the invitation to Bella Swan's wedding, and discovered that it was from Edward Cullen! (The thought: Will there be NO END to this pain, must have gone through his mind) The "man" that had beaten him, in his desperate fight for Bella's love, was now inviting him to watch the two of them marry. In his mind their wedding also guaranteed the death of the woman he still so desperatley loved. (The woman who had brought him both the greatest joy, and the most bitter pain of his life.)
On the other hand Edward appreciated Jacob's help. But he also knew the invitation would be painful for Jacob to rieieve. And that it might turn his and Bella's wedding into "quite literaly" a blood bath.

Alice had planned a beautiful wedding for Bella at the Cullen's estate. And she had one of the fastest rising stars in the fashion world create a spectacular dress for Bella. She had instructed the designer to use Edward's mother's antique wedding ring as an inspiration.
And Alice had even personally designed the lace for Bella's dress.
But had she been able to read werewolfs' futures as easily as she did vampires, she would have foreseen Jacob, shimmering as he prepared to shift into a werewolf, to kill her brother at the wedding.

There were certainly pros and cons that both Edward and Jacob had to weigh, before they made their decisions. How would you have advised them ?

We sincerely look forward to learning your opinion. To both increase our understanding and our enjoyment of the "Twilight Saga."

Most sincerely, your friend,
Doc B,
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Grrrr... I just typed a really long post and deleted it completly!!!

*deep breath* Keeping my calm and starting again... I hope it still makes sense because now I'm doing it in a bit of a hurry!

Okay, so in my mind, Edward did the right thing. I think first of all that he finally felt comfortable enough that Bella had indeed chosen him, to feel for Jacob and do what he would have wanted to have done for him if the roles had been reversed. This is Edward being the peace bearer. He is also acting on Bella's behalf I think beacuse he feels that deep down it's what she wants, just that she's being her usual selfless-er... self. She's not inviting Jacob because she doesn't want to rub his face in it if you'll pardon the expression) but really she wants hime there more than most of the other people because of how close they are and how important this day is.

Also, you have to remember that though this is a wedding, to all those "in the know" it has a bit of a funeral feel behind it... This is the last party before the change as far as the Cullens and Jacob are concerned. So, Edward takes the initiative from the point of view that he thinks that they should sort of say good bye before that. Typical Edward, doing things "properly" ;-)

From Jacob's point of view I think that he did the right thing by accepting. I mean for the same reasons. As far as they're all concerned this is his last chance to say good bye to human Bella. And when he does turn up I felt that he showed a maturity that I didn't expect. I mean this is passionate Jacob. The guy is in shreads about the whole thing and he turns up because he knows that even though Bella didn't invite him, she really wants him there.

Technically I feel that this is the time when Edward and Bella pull together just for Bella's interest. Edward bows out for a bit despite not wanting to, and Jacob turns up, despite not wanting to. And they all do really well until Bella twists the knife around a bit thoughtlessly (or that's how it felt to me) by talking about the honeymoon to Jacob...

So in my mind, for this particular event, all credit goes to Edward AND Jacob... but a bit of a bad performance on Bella's behalf... But then I'm sure there are people out there who disagree entirely and I would looove to hear from them ;-)
I think Edward did what he felt was the right thing to do, in a very difficult situation. Jacob is Bella’s best friend and it would have been wrong to leave him out of such an important moment in Bella’s life. I think Edward knew exactly how Jacob and Bella felt and wanted to give them that chance to make things right before she was changed. I also feel like Edward was just doing for Jacob what he hoped Jacob would do for him.

I think if I were in the position to advise Jacob, I would have told him to go. I would have told him to skip the ceremony if he felt it was too painful, but to at least go to the reception so he could see how happy Bella really was and that this was the right choice, for her. I do think I would have told him to keep any opinions about her becoming a vampire, and choice to marry a vampire to himself. The time for such discussions has passed, and that he needs to respect his friends decision.

I felt the same way about Bella. I just couldn’t understand why she would chose to bring up such a private topic with Jacob. I understand that he’s her best friend, but it felt a little callous to me. I still get stuck on that part to this day whenever I re-read Breaking Dawn.
I do think I would have told him to keep any opinions about her becoming a vampire, and choice to marry a vampire to himself. The time for such discussions has passed, and that he needs to respect his friends decision.

KC - SO TRUE very well said!
Dear Imza,
There is nothing that makes me madder than deleting a post accidently. Or being on G-mail and getting the message "YOU WENT OFF LINE 45 MINUTES AGO" So none of your work done durring that time was stored!!

Your friend,
Doc b

i agree mostly! i just think that the whole honeymoon convo was a bit unintentional cuz she was caught up in a carefree moment and didnt stop and think of his feelings even if he didnt think it was suicide he still didnt need to hear about it.
I do believe Edward did the right thing because all he wanted was to make Bella happy. And wether or not she said it to him he knew she wanted her friend there no matter what!

Your right, Edward may not be able to read her mind but he knows her well enough to know she would of liked him their

G x


I m ot sure if Edward would of gone to the wedding if Bella had choosen Jacob but i do agree that he would think Jacob ight want a choice to come if he had wanted.

great answer

G x


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