The Twilight Saga

If u could choose one part of someone out of everyone from the Twilight saga, What part of someone would u choose n y?

mine would be...

Edwards crooked smile.
Jacobs sence of humor.
Rose love of cars.
Alice fasion sence.
Emm strengh.
Jaspers talent.

there are many more lol

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thats rather a good choice!!! i would love to have everyones everything buts that not the point lol
edward's dazzleness
Emm's hummor
Alice's fashion sence
Esme's love
Rose's beauty
nessie's talent
jasper's talent to
bella's shield
haha thats cheating lol

u onli added the last one xx
bella's soulmate
edward's smile
jacob's way of acting (like eh doesn't care bout anythin)
alice's fashion sence too
rosalie's love cars and her beauty
emmett's sence of humor
jasper's controlled way of being
carlisle's control
esme's ability to love

and i think that's all!
Bella's LoveLife....y,because she gets 2 choose btwn 2 hot guys,who wud do anything 4 her..they wud even share her,if thats what she wanted..:)
Emments love of life
Rosalies beauty
Alices ability to know herself
Esmes big heart
Carlises intellegence
Jaspers protectiveness
Bellas innocence
Edwards capacity to love with all he has and his courangeousness
Jacobs selflessness
very good i love em all hehe


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