The Twilight Saga

Spoiler ALERT!

ok enjoy guyz!!!

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SUPER COOL!!!!!!!!
Love it all of them, nice job to put it in here

thanks! glad you loved it!



gee thanks! :)
omg this is soo good like the whole movie lol
it's almost you see the movie
ive got it yes ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
awesome pictures! i like the one at the movies and mike and jake both have their hands open on the armrest like in the book! haha that was funny!
yeah that one caught my eye too!
at least some scenes in the book are seen in the movie and they got it right.,.,
yeah, lol, love that scene =D
yeah it's so funny and Bella didn't know what to do hahahah

so love new moon! :)
yeah me too and really fast :)


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