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Good luck getting to Sweden.
They are rude....
but still, maybe it's just that they have they're own freedom...
like us...we have our twilight saga here, and they have they're twilight sucks there....
but it is also sad to say that they really suck!!!!
there frikin haters!!!! they dont now whats good!!!!
I know! And then, they must be stupid enough to not know what "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it" And some people on yahoo answers don't know that, considering I asked what was wrong with Twilight and for haters not to answer and some mean person answered.
That's horrible!
Well were only stating are opinions and it is not like were bashing it that bad and we are not bashing it here.
OH REALLY?!...well, some of your freakin' twihaters messes with twilight HERE !and you call that "not bashing here"?!
i'm really agree with u..!!
I've read it and I don't like it. Now what?
. . . Wow. I've known about that for, like, ever. x3 It dosn't really bother me, really, because different people have different opinions. And honestly, the actual writing isn't that good, but I love the story, which is why I like Twilight. =/ Some people just criticize because of the... quality of the writing and the obsessive fangilrs that rip people's faces off. Then again, haters rip people's faces off just as much as twi-hards do.
Haters do rip off fans's faces. Any extreme antis/fans are both at fault.


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