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Well we all have our own thaughts on other things, but I can see that you're mad, and yeah so am I!!!! I no there are haters in this world and you're going to have to deal with them wether you like it, or not, and I hate it as much as you do. All you can really do is ignore these mean annoying poeple, and I don't see the point in telling everyone what you hate anyways because if you like something, or hate something, to telll you the truth no one's gonna care either way it is.
How are we mean and annoying?
Agreed. We're simply stating our opinions.
oh screw you! always give "expressing our own opinions" as your reasons!
your making of fun of us!
you just can't understand the feeling we have for twilight!...

and why the hell are you here?! this is a site for twilight fans!
TWIHATERS being here just means they're here to mess with twihards!!!....
Were not making fun of you and Twilight is just a book like Harry Potter. And why the hell are we here? To hang out with fans of course and state are opinions.
Are we? Are we really? Is that what you think? Did you know you're wrong? How many questions shall I ask? Does anyone know? Did it occur to you that maybe some people on that site are too hxc anti? Did you think maybe that's why I'm here? Did you think at all? Do these constant questions annoy you?
ok...that doesn't make any sense...
Did you ponder the questions? Or did you just skip over them?
Omg thats so rude for who evre made thats site up they must have not read they book or the movie sooooooooooooooooo that is really wrong.
She has read all the books.
I tried to read the books but I coud not get threw the first chapter of Midnight Sun or Twilight.
...Wow, just wow. I read all the books, saw the movie, and used to be a fan but now I hate it. I'm a member on that site, so be quiet when you don't know anything. >.>


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