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I need your opinions regarding these questions. I just though of them out of the blue.
Please answer.

1. Caius doesnt have a wife. Can you tell me why?
2. What do you think happened to Gianna, the human 'receptionist' in Volterra?
3. Is Marcus mute? He didn't say anything all through out the books.
4. Do you think Nessie and Jake will have children?
5. Breaking Dawn mentioned something about "The Children of the Moon", the real werewolves. Do you think they will be included if there will be a fifth book?


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any reactions?
hmmmnn. i see. nice opinions. thanks.
number 3. I read this somewhere on SM website. See, when Aro was only about 2 decades old he still had a human sister who he turned into a vampire when she matured into an adult, he did this thinking that he himself got a gift when he was turned into a vampire the mind reading when you touch people thing so he asumed his sister would get some gift and and she did, it was: she made people happy when they were around her so alot of people fell in love with her, Marcus did too but the difference this time was she loved him back, and they were very happy together and they were talking about leaving Italy and when Aro heard about this he killed his sister because he didnt want to lose Marcus, Marcus never found out about him killing her, but thus losing Aro's sister he has been depressed and guess just doesnt say anything.

Stephenie has an anwser for everything. eh.
that's cool. so marcus isnt really mute. what if he finds out that aro's sister isn't dead yet.
1. i think caius does have a wife. when they came to forks they said they were bringing the wives with them, not wife.
2. Seeing the way they work... i don't think she ended up a vampire sadly.
3. Marcus isn't mute, he's just bored, he has no interest (not enough to voice his opinion anyway, since he can just tell aro his past thought's with a touch) in anything since diddyme died. he's only there because of the ties chelsea influenced.
4.Vamp puppies? it's possible, Nessie isn't set in stone like normal vampires, i don't see why not.
5. well.... they did say all but extinct, but it doesn't mean they aren't around. but if they were included i can't see more than one being put in. (And then maybe infecting someone! omg charlie wolf!! nuuuu!!!)
Aro's wife, Sulpicia, Caius' wife, Athenodora, and formerly Marcus' wife, Didyme, who had the power to make others happy, also act as leaders.

found this in wikipedia....
so Didyme's dead.
She's Aro's sister and he killed him.

and Caius has a Wife too, named Athenedora. Hmmmnnn. Interesting...
1 I think he doesnt want to be too close to anyone someone who likes to fight that much would be bored so easily.
2 I think they either turned her or killed her
3 I think Marcus would havesaid something if it was something worth saying, he just stood back and took it all in
4 Yes i think nessie and jake will be together forever
5 I dont know but that would be really cool, if they came to Forks and crossed paths with the Quilete packs

these are just my opinions but hope they helped
sure. sure. it helped a lot...
1.Caius does have a wife, the one who doesn't is Marcus (she died)
2. I think (or at least hope) that she became one of the Volturi, for her sake
3. He did say something in BD (his vote) but i think that he is always bored because he lost his wife and hasn't been able to recover since
4. I don't know, but it would be awsome if a half werewolf, quarter vampire, quarter human was to be involved in their life
5. I don't know, it would be interesting to know more about htem, but, as edwars aid, they are mostly extint, so i think not
i think the math for the new 'breed' will be one third wolf, one third human, one third vamp...

maybe half human, quarter vamp & wolf since both are human??????
1. i never thought that maybe he's 2 powerful
2.thy either killed her or turned her
3.i think so becuz their was nuth'n from him
4.i hope not that's kinda weird she's a vamp and he's a wolf
5.probably but isn't the 5th book from edwards point of view


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