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Ok, is this like the most perfect girl for Renesmee Cullen? im still trying to decide if its a fake picture or not!! she is soo pretty and is the most perfect vampire child. she has those brown eyes and sharp features. if they curled her hair, she would be absolutly perfect!

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No it's not at all! Renesmee is supposed to have golden curly hair, otherwise yeah, that is a really cute kid.
well, they could change her hair
not really...renesmee has very full lips, and golden curly hair that hangs down to her waist, and she is supposed to look very much like edward and have bellas eyes. so no this isnt renesmee
this gurl is very cute but i dont think she is like renesmee
firstly renesmee has sparklisng eyes like bella
secondli she's like edward
so this gurl is not like renesmee !
She is adorable but i do agree the hair isn't quite what i expected. But either way its a good picture
if you look at for a long time it does look like edward a little
i dont think it looks like renesmee. the hair doesnt look like what they said in the book


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