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okok... i'm going to start by saing that i hope that everyone on this discussion... or on the whole saga don't hate me... but ... somehow i have lost faith on the books, and must importantly n stephenie meyer.

** sorry for any spelling mistakes... hope u can get most of it! hehehe**

let me b truthful... six months ago, if i had seen a comment like this, i would have gone mad... but it's the truth. after all the fuss of the first movie i realised how sometimes the characters were a lil stupid, the way the book was written was like made by a 15 year old... and overall it didn't have the spirit a truly good book has.

let me give u my top reasons.
first. bella is truly idiotic. i mean i know that lots of girls identify with her. hell! i do too! but she somehow is truly irreal. and i don't mean about how she is in love with a vamp or a werewolf ... i mean how she plays with them, how she manipulates them. and how, in the end, she always gets what she wants.
second. a lot of girls only love the books because of either edward or jacob. u know it's true! and really who can NOT want them? i mean they r both the perfect guys in their one crazy way... while edward is the classic gentenmanly one, jacob is the hot fun one... do u see where i'm going?
third. the books are repetitive. i know that lots of sagas have to have some things in common with their past/future books, but no one beats this saga! it is always bout the same old things that happened in the book before.
fourth. let's b honest.! breaking dawn wasn't truuly that good. i mean i did love jake's part. it let me get a lil bit in his head; see bella as she really was, and see how edward really felt. but, the first chapters, although good weren't that much for the little girls that r probably reading the book, and it was just about how bella had an urge for sex. then, after renesmee was born, the rest of the book was planning a fight that, in the end n e v e r h a p p e n e d !!!!!!! it really was a little dull to read the last chapter. after all it didn't felt like a happily eve after. it felt like is some things were missing, some crucial points that would otherwise could have completed the story.
last point. talking about this was inevitable. midnight sun! we are all disappointed. why? simple. because the author, as she didn't felt 'alone' with the books she could write it anymore, so she'll wait probably what? 5 years? 10 years? until we all vanish from the face of the earth and no one even remember whan twilight ment? yeaaaah right. i think that not one single famous author can feel alone with their books. imagine jk rowling, after writing six! books, lots and lots of people were trailing after her, waiting for the last book to come out, and guess what? she did finished that book! it's the same with MS... it's just that meyer prefered not do it. which, i think isn't right. how r u supposed to say to thousands of girls, and even boys that, one of the books they were most especting in the year, wiil actually not be finished? it's insane to do it... so i think

noow... i'm done.. i really really truly hope that no one hates meee!!! i still like the books.. just not in the same degree... soo... i'm also sorry...
another thing... please no bad comments!! if u have nothing that's either good or makes sense then just don't... u can always be against me, just don't use ne kind of bad word .. and please try to explain so i can see ur side too


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One question: How do you know she isn't going to finish Midnight Sun???? You don't...... No one knows if she is going to it's her choice if she finishes it or not she feels as though her rights as a human were violated b/c some leaked her book online I would be upset if she didn't finish Midnight Sun but it's her choice and I respect her choice and you have to also everyone does..... I'm not being mean so please don't take it that way...... Yes the books are repetitive.... what book isn't???? Before reading the saga I never read a book in my life unless I had to for school.... I thought read was stupid and boring..... After reading The Saga I thought WOW reading is actually fun..... The movies aren't bad the books are better Kristen Stweart could use some help with acting..... But other then that they're good...

Bella wanted Edward and she got Edward I don't see how she is manipulitive playing with Edward and Jacobs heads.... I really doubt Stephenie wanted Bella to be like that..... No person real or fake is perfect..... I don't like the books b/c of Edward and Jacob..... I like the books b/c they are good... Edward and Jacob are the plus..... I am and ALWAYS will be Team Edward..... You're allowed to have an opinon and I think that's great that you are brave and stating it....
i just like the plot line mostly....the fact that a "veggie" eating vamp falls in love with a human is just interesting. but i do agree that bella does manipulate them in a sense, like how she can get edward to do almost anything, but i think that that is what meyer was sorta going for mayb. and i agree with musiq...edward and jacob are just a plus to a good story.


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