The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1;The hard way.

As soon as i let Edward in my mind we were on the bed.i guess i would have to get used to that knowing Edward couldn't read my mind sense the moment we ment.It would be hard for him to keep his hands off me cause he was so overwelmed.We were passionately kissing it felt like minutes had past but the sun was peaking throught the dark and then we heard a bell like voice laughing.It was my daughter of course she already figured out how to get out of her crib,but instintly her face looked terrified.Me and Edward were by her side that instint.

"Momma."she touch my face and showed me what her dream was about.Her and jacob got married and went on a honeymoon.She was so happy,but she didn't understand.She loved Jacob of course.The only problem was,she didn't think he loved her in that kind of way.And asked me if he was going to be with her forever.As sooon as she showed me Edward growled low enough that i could only hear but it ws rude of him but even i know what he was trying to say so i had to say it.

"Renesmee honey, were moving away.Me and your dad are going to college.Jacob can visit as much as he wants.Jacob needs to go to school to though.As soon as you get old enough jacob can spend as much time with you as you want but you have to understand people will start to get scared on why we arn't aging.Look at gramdpa Carlisle he can barley past as 30 and is going to be 34 now."i almost cryed hearing me say it.The look in her eyes was devastating.So i had to finish what i started but it wouldn't come out.Finally Edward started to tell her."we are moving and Jacob isn't coming with us"His voice calmed me down than his face went ice cold and frozen[even though it alredy was).Renesmee was on the ground balling.I was so confused did Edward smell something i didn't so i had to ask so i let go of my sheild."whats wrong?"He than held me in his arms and than exactly as he was supossed to tell me, i smelled a dog like animal,but not just any dog it was jacob.

All i did was look at Edward and in a hard sharp tone that even the others can hear too,"Jacob is going to go kill himself"was all i could hear i was to mad and sad at the same time.He couldn't do this what about Nessie.It was all to hard to think about it.The next thing i knew i was sobbing dry tears and tracking his sense.Than there was a big wolf right in front of me.Its eyes look liked it haven't slept in days,its eyes filled with fear,anger,and dispear.all i knew now was it was Jacob.He had heard everything.He seemed to calm down when we looked in eachothers eyes and changed back to human.Thankfuly Edward was right behind me and brought him cloths.While i was sitting there motionless Edward and Jacob were talking.Jacob was screaming at him i bet i know what he was thinking"you won't get away with this bloodsucker she is mine.We belong together don't do this to me its like taking bella away from you"....I bet Edward was mad but he stayed calm.Edward than told him he could still visit but they will be able to spend the rest of there life together after OUR years with her.

Jacob adimaticly saw me frozen and realized how much pain i was probably in.jacob couln't do this to me.I haven't even had 1 year with my daughter and she almost looked like she could be 4.but of course Jacob wouldn't know about being a mother.I could tell he loved her.I guess all my feelings for jacob weren't there anymore though.I mean as a bestfriend of course.As soon as i had renesnee it disapeared.I guess all along my love for him was in her.But still he had no right and finally i got up and we were face to face i than through him into a tree and was pushing him against it.I was still a newborn so he couldn't break my hold."Jacob, i don't care how many times you come over or anything but it will be my house and my rules and if those rules are broken than you won't see her at all.Now i supose we get back to nessie now.!"i said as i growled through my teeth.edward by now was rolling on the floor cause i was stronger than a big bad wolf.

As we ran through the forest Edward was holding my hand and Jacob was right behind but there seem to be a strange sent at the house.All of a suddenn i could feel edward already ahead of me runnin as fast as he could.By the time i knew it he was already at the door.We rushed inside Jacob was back in human form again.There was a note on the table that looked like it came from one of our books.On the Front it said

პdωმяd ხპℓℓმ &+ яპՈპՏmპპ CՍℓℓპՈ
i opened it and it said in different hand writing

i'll be back in 7 years

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Hey, this is really good! It jumps into it so fast!
me and clusin will get if come out. and was shock she has two books come out if she desic to do this one. and is that bella talking to her baby?
I like it keep going add me As a friend
W.O.W im going to add you as a friend and you can email me if you want when you add more it is wonderful!!
more more more
i dun get what hapens in the end
give sum more details
this is great ! im dying to know wat happend next if stephnie doesnt make another book u should ! plzz email me the rest !
did you write this yourself. Its so awsome! keep posting it.
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that was good......
can't wait for the next chapter :D
that is really good i hope i will here more of it
this rocks plzplzplzplzplz keep wrighting


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