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Do you think Stephenie M. will now write about Renesmee's life with Jacob?

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I hope so if she wants her fans to be happy.
i hope she does because i would like to see what happens when nessie grows up. What will her kids look like if she can even have any? 1/4 human,1\2 vampire, and 1\2 werewolf......intresting.
Read La Luna, by Yianna Yiannacou, books 1, 2 & 3, if you havent already. Its about Renesmee when she grows up & Jacob. Also try this one Raisin Moon, by Leyna Cullen-Black. You'll probably like it. Both are posted in the Breaking Dawn discussions. =D
I'm really not so sure it would be all that great for them to have kids. If I remember correctly, Jacob did say that his teeth were one of the things that could penetrate vampire skin during "his" part of BD. So, if the child were to inherit the werewolf/shapechange gene, and have the vampire part catalyze that in the womb, because it probably would, then the child would have werewolf teeth. Considering how the vamp/human hybrids normally leave the mother's womb, and the fact that Renesmee's impenetrable skin would be (I assume) really hard to cut through in a C-section...I cannot imagine that her having a child at all with Jacob would be a good thing. Honestly, I think they should wait until she is "unchanging" before they have sex at all. That would mean that her womb and body were as unable as a vampire female's to reproduce, right? As happy-feely as kids normally make everyone feel, it's not necessary to reproduce, and if it endangers the mother without any way to save her (unlike Bella's change), then I don't see how it could be a good thing. No one wants Renesmee to die just to see what a vamp/human/werewolf hybrid looks like, right?
That's true. I think that maybe she should...just because people are curious. But I'd still like the original Bella/Edward part the best. Plus, I think if Renesmee became pregnant, Edward and Bella would have heart attacks. (I don't see how that's possible, being vampires and all, but still...)
I really hope that she does write a book about them. It would be awesome to see how there life together turns out
i think that was a good move on stephenies part. even though i hate jacob in the third book, eclispe, i think he still deserves somebody. i also think that was a good move because it saved renesmee's life and let bella forget about hurting his fellings.
it is a possibility


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