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I came across this picture on the internet, and I thought she looked like the perfect Renesmee! Personally, she's the cutest one I've seen! What do you think?

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she's cute....

yeah, this is a good picture, too
she looks so adorable like a porsalin doll! (sry i dk how to spell that) She will fit the part :)
ya i know! she completely adorable! i think she should audition for the part!
Maddie: W-O-W!
Oh wow i love this pic. She does suit the description of Renesmee in the book. Curly bronze hair, n she resembels Edward well. Except for the eyes, it should be similar to Bella's human eyes. Other than that,she'd be perfect!
dahts soch a good pic
Isn't she so adorable? She should definitely audition for the part! What do you think?
She looks so sweet
naww ... i like the girl in the family pic better ...
Does any1 else have any pics?


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