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I came across this picture on the internet, and I thought she looked like the perfect Renesmee! Personally, she's the cutest one I've seen! What do you think?

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yea. i found this.

i found this other pic of her that looks exactly like she did in the book
Could u please post it here? I'd luv 2 see it!
the picture from irish the little girl looks just like them The picture up above doesnt look like them at all the eyes r all wrong and the hair is to light
~~yah it suits er they have similar features that the book describes i like it alot~~
Renesmee: Just so you know. That is Gemma Devin in the photo that you put up. Not the younger Renesmee. And they are also thinking of Baliee Madison, Bella Thorne, And alot of other people. And the baby Renesmee. The realy young one. Is more then likely gonna be a Baby Simulater. Beacuse it isnt good for babies eye's to be put in that lighting they have there. It hurts them and when they get older it can make them blind.
She's adorable
here is some other pic

I have quite a few......

I think they all are pretty cute I wish my daughter was a lil older she looks a lil like Renesmee.......


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