The Twilight Saga

Ok, since Jake and Nessie are together, they are like doing it! (later! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! )

So like yeah. I was wondering how the kids would turn out.

Could she have them? ? ? Like can she bear children? ? ? Does she have a period? ? ?

Oh and also would they be vampires or werewolves? ? ?

Thoughts please! ! ! ! ! !

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well so far Jacob only wants Nessie to be safe and then when shes older they might! but she wouldnt havea period becuz she is still half vampire. she probably could have children like bella but maybe not becuz shes bpth so it could b a possibitliy. and i bet the baby would be a were wolve, vampire, and human. becuz like seh could have vampire skin but have growth spurts like a were wolve and then she would have a hert beat like a human. so idk it could b a possibity
i find that to be a trick question...i mean Renesmee is after all just have human...and humans can have babies...i just think that her babies might not end up ripping their way out of her half vampier babies are know for doing.I also think that if Renesmee does chose to have children with Jacob later on they will actually be half human,a quarter vampire and a quarter Werewolf!!!!!...i think those are going to be very interesting kids...seeing how werewoves and vampiers aren't the greates friends by nature!!
Huh....what they had twins, and one was have human and half vampire (like Renesmee) and half human and half werewolf (like Jacob)?? ? ? ?

I wonder how they would get along? ? ?
well I think it's possible they would probably end up having warm skin not hot but not cold... aw heck forget it I give up
oh wow i was thinking the same thing!! but if she is like part human and vampire, how is that gonna work?! cause don't werewolves imprint on people who are most likely going to keep the tradtion of the tribe alive and going?! hmm interesting lol.
Woooowwwww I think their child would be like a wolf a human and a vampire? Its super special but I kinda like that to happen... but its hard imagining Edward and Bell as grandmoms/dads
my thought on that is she mite be able to have kids becuz shes still growing..
but then agian she stopped at 6 years old....
but then imprinting gives u the strongest chance to carry on the wolf gene.....
but then shes half human... so idk lol
the kids would be 50% warewolf 25% human 25% vampire so that seems koool thats a good question it got me thinking
I really think they would be able to have children, becouse nessy is half human and all of her organs work properly. Now the baby would be one of a kind, becouse in the process of inprinting, the wolves not only get the love of their lives but also the best genes to carry on the species to the next generation, so that baby would be a superbaby :D
That's really good questions I never thought of that. Im thinking they wouldnt be able to have kids cuz vampires cant but shes not full vampire i think there needs to be more books cuz who knows nessie's girl parts might or might now work
wow never though about that........... jmj IDont Know really hahaha
the venom is poisonous to werewolves so no they cant make babies. the vamp and wolf parts couldnt exist in the same body.


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