The Twilight Saga

Ok, since Jake and Nessie are together, they are like doing it! (later! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! )

So like yeah. I was wondering how the kids would turn out.

Could she have them? ? ? Like can she bear children? ? ? Does she have a period? ? ?

Oh and also would they be vampires or werewolves? ? ?

Thoughts please! ! ! ! ! !

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wow. I never really thought about the werewolve part. I thought about how mabey she would be kind like Bella. :Because she is part human and all. But I guess maybe she cant even have children being all half vampire and all. And i guess if she could...then the kid would be human, vampire,and werewolf. It would be unstopable!
I've totally been wondering about this too! If she had kids, would they be one third vampire, one third human, one third werewolve, and maybe... I don't know... one third fairy?!?! I'm just joking but would happen??? :-)
fairy? ? ? lol
well since she is warm blooded and she has blood flow im guessing that she will be able to have children.
I think so...
i think that when ness is fully grown she would be like a proper vampire [super strong, fast, invincible, doesnt age
although wouldnt a third vampire, third werewolf and third human want to kill and eat and run away from itself?
lol that was funny
I think she can't have children because vampires are frozen...
They can't change and Renesmee can't change either because she is going to stop growing like her mother and father...
ew thats something i never thought about but shes not going to grow much and will look like a child and so thats a bit ew and cool nice picture person who has commented above me!!! :)
Ahah x) This picture is so cute :) *.*


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