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here are a couple of Renesmee posters, tell me which one you think is the better one!!!!

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*Sigh* Again they can color her hair and curl it, ok.
Im just putting it out there.....they can dye her hair and curl it you know. that's what they did to some of the people from the movie. plus all the other pics i saw of renesmee had bright red hair and she doesnt have bright red hair. Another pic i saw she was way way too pale. renesmee isnt pale she's half human so she isnt pale nor does she have golden eyes. Plus it says which do you like better not put down her pictures like that and i dont think it was very nice. all you had to do was give a coment about which looked better and not on how she didnt look like renesmee. Out of all the pictures ive seen of renesmee i like these ones the best. Good job littletwilighter. Keep doing what your doing i love your pics.
awwww they are all cute but #2 is way toooooo cute
The pics are good but that's not how I pictured her either...sorry
i like the 2nd................its more related 2.


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