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here are a couple of Renesmee posters, tell me which one you think is the better one!!!!

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i like the second one it relates to the book more
I like the 2nd one...
Me too. :)
i dont really like them , i dont think thats how renesmee would look !
No one really knows what she looks like is theat she had ringlets and bronze REDISH hair. plus hair can be dyed and curled. plus if you google those pics the little girls in them are older now and look a lot different then the pic they took.

keep up the good work.
isnt she supposed to b a mix between bella and edward in looks? well i see a little edward......but no bella. thts just my opinion tho.
so is this gonna be nessie?
Yeah i think so.
i really like the second one a lottt it does relate to the book hows she protecting her family great pics keep getting more =)
and i really dont think that shld be renesmee cause i mean it dosent look like her but the little girl is very cute =) but i dont see renesmee in her
Ok i respect your thoughts on her but they can add things like hair color and curl her hair. Plus i thought you said you liked her? No one really knows what she looks like only when she was a baby is when they discribed her.
i sort of like the second 1
but i dont think she looks like that
she had bronze and culry hair


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