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i'm in team switzerland, and i'm trying to figure out what charasteristics does edward/jacob have so that people prefer one over the other.

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team switzerland lol i like when bella said that so they just had to get along a bit better from then on
Team Seth, Because the guy playing him is my BROTHER :)

Check out this super cool site that is updated all the time.

u must be sooooo proud of him!!
I am so proud of him. He loves his part and loves all his fans Please keep following us on Twitter for updates @mammarazzi1
Ditto... Because ur both my dads clients... =D

YAY i finally found u Fivel...

He is 108.9F of pureness.....
team SWITZERLAND ALL THE WAYYY! haha. i like them both!!
me 2! :D
team edward, team emmet and team alice :D
I'm also teem Switzerland because like Bella i like both Jake and Edward as them selves and not as werewolf and vampire i just don't see either of them that way i see them as just Edward and Jake. i see them as Bella's really hot best friend (meaning Jake) and her really hot man (meaning Edward)
RIGHT ON!!!! lol.
100% team edward!!!! he is just a lot sweeter and a whole lot more romantic and he never takes advantage of bella like jacob does, and he is very mature and polite towards jacob even when jacob is being a total jerk(all the time), plus he just wants bella to be happy, he doesnt care if she is happy with him or with jacob. jacob, on the other hand, is a selfish smelly dog boy who fantasizes about bella in ways that are just plain gross, not to mention he imprints on a freakin new born baby.


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