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what do you all like about the culllen family!

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Everything! how they do their best effort not to kill us (haha!! XD) and how they simply are amazing at everything they do:
Edward: when he plays the piano, and evrything bout himself

Carlisle: how he started this all vegetarian vampire thingie

Esme: how devoted she is to her family

Emmett: just love his jokes... and his whole actitude, actually

Jasper: i think it's sooo cool how he can control emotions, plus, he'd do anything for Alice

Alice: just love her bubbly personality, and how she kew she was going to be Bella's friend before she actually was!

Rosalie: how when she wants somehting, she doesn't give up until she's completed her goal

Bella: i mean... she has Edward (do i need to say anything else)

Renesmee: what i like about her is that she is a half vamp half human, i mean, never thought that could actually happen ... (awsome!)


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