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I loved breaking dawn and i thought that at the end Stephenie Meyer should have had a part were it goes ex. 20 years later and just sums up a little of how their life is .

What do u think?

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i loved how it ended but i dont think adding how the rest of their lives will be will help cause we pretty much have a good idea:the lived happily ever after forever!
I kind of agree with you, even you know I still loved the original ending, but it left a big question mark at the end for the fans, like 'What happens with Bella and Edward from that point and on?" and " What about Jacob and Renesmee? What happens with both of them?" and there are many other unanswered questions that I know we are all dying to know and find out.
i know. i loved the ending part of it too. But yeah i agree with you that she should have put a twenty years later thing in it. I wanted to see about jacob and renesmee and about bella and edward.
im so sad the twilight universe is at an end... i have read them all 2 times now ha
I dont know if u noticed ... but i dont think she will let that happened . she love her vampires to much and she keeps saying twilight is Bella's story, so I really think she will write a story about renesme and Jacob and that means bella and the rest will be there ... im hoping this will happen some day im counting on it... this is not the end ...hopefuly
well i loved the way Stephenie Meyer ended the whole's just that the way she ended it has left me starving for more and so i think, she should just write another book and continue from where she left off in Breaking Dawn.
I keep hoping that in the future she will want to write another book. This leaves her an opening. We can hope and pray.
I love the book but in my opinion it could have ended better....i dont like how Bella lets Edward hear her thoughts and then it ends...i didnt like that part. I have thought of a better ending in my opinion, but no one will ever know my idea because its not written yet
I totally agree with you Adrenaline Rush!!!!! I want to know what will happen when Renesmee is older and have to choice between Jacob and the other guy that was the same as her, half vampire half human. Moreover Im curious about the fight between the Clan Cullen and the Volturi. Will they return with another reason to kill them? with other vampires? Will Bella become the strongest vampire ever? Im just crazy about these questions!!!! arent you?
I love its end!!!!!!!!!!
Don't get me wrong i love the end of breaking dawn.
I understand you, the end of this book is so awesome so romantic I love it really, but I think that some unanswered questions should be answered through Renesmee point of view... what do you think?
I have an idea!!!! What about making another book? no about Bella and Edward s points of view now, but Renesmee??? It would be awesome to experience her transformation now, mentioning how her mom and dad are happily together. Then the love triangle with the half human half vampire that is interested in her, Jacob and her. And maybe the final battle with the Volturi with the point of view of Bella. The same structure of the book shown in breaking dawn. What do you think???? Maybe someone else has thought in that before?


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