The Twilight Saga

jake's pic on the 3rd page!! :)


soooooooooo cool!!

look at the tattoos!!

what do you think!!!!

i'm so excited!!!!!!!

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well jacob isn't there yet coz remember that in the start of new moon he is not yet a werewolf .,.,.
Yeah. Jacob isn't here 'cause he's the ULTIMATE ALPHA...
and your PC might explode already if iCe will have Jake's pic here as well.
People, people in La Push, who's the HOTTEST of 'em all?!

Hell, Jacob!!!!
and the fourth guy (Embry) looks like Harry Potter... or should i say Harry Hotter..

jake is HOT!!

even you will explode!! because of the HOTness!!!!
Im confused.
In the movie twilight weren't Quil & Embry already in it?
You know, lik when Bella & her friends go surfin,
&& Jacob comes up with his two friends?
I thought they were Quil && Embry!
-Lisa Bri <3
they were embry and sam and they got replaced
that's not quil and embry

it's sam and the other guy..idk
ome!!! this is gonna be an awsome rest of the series in movies with them in it!!
!!! true!!!! :) :)
WOOOW i do hate jacob but thats cool!
why do u hate jacob?!


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