The Twilight Saga

jake's pic on the 3rd page!! :)


soooooooooo cool!!

look at the tattoos!!

what do you think!!!!

i'm so excited!!!!!!!

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When I First Saw This Pic I Was Breathless
In The Books I Hate the Wolves But *Sigh* Have You Seen Those Muscles!!!


i'm thrilled!!!

they are so hot!!!
I hate your icon, lol. Jacob's like... my favorite character in the whole series ;)
it's getting hot in here.
and to think that the a/c is set for 22 degrees celcius...

very very HOT!!!
from left

alex meraz as paul

chaske spencer as sam

Bronson Pelletier as jared (not sure)

kiowa gordon as embry
they are frickin' hot!
from left hand side::
Paul, Sam, Jared, Embry.
am i right??

the tattoos are cool.
clearly, for advertisement..
they're gonna release tattoos as part of twilight saga merchandise.
i love it.

i want to have that tattoo on my skin!! hahahah

well if my mom allows it!! :)

So HOT!!!!!
HOLY SHOIT. I cried. Seriously. Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot.
Where's Jacob?


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